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Is The First Lady cancelled or renewed for Season 2?

If you haven’t checked out The First Lady yet, you need to do so immediately. It’s an excellent look at three of the former First Ladies of the United States. Will the stories continue with a second season?

The First Lady Season 1 follows three former First Ladies: Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama. We get a look into their lives after becoming the most powerful women in the United States—although it quickly turns out that they’re not all that powerful. Power is in the eye of the beholder.

We see their highs and lows, whether it’s in their marriages, their health scares, or their push to bring something more to the American people. Of course, there are certainly more stories to tell. There are many more First Ladies to look at.

Will The First Lady Season 2 happen at Showtime?

As of right now, The First Lady has not been cancelled or renewed. The lack of cancellation is a positive sign. It shows that the premium cable network is looking at how well the final episodes of the season will perform.

It’s also worth noting that this show wasn’t billed as a limited series. However, it was billed as an anthology series. That suggests that the plan would be to move onto another set of First Ladies rather than continue the stories of the three we’ve focused on so far.

It’s not like there isn’t the content out there. We have plenty of First Ladies to look at. What about Martha Washington? Letitia and Julia Tyler? Or even Mary Lincoln? We also can’t forget Jackie Kennedy or Hillary Clinton for the 20th century First Ladies and there’s always Laura Bush for the 21st century.

Showtime will want to see the plans for a potential second season. Only then (and if the first season has performed well via the app as well as the network) will we get to know if The First Lady Season 2 will happen.

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The First Lady is available to stream on Showtime.*