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Is The Flash canceled or renewed for Season 10?

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The Flash Season 9 finale has aired, and now eyes are on the future. Will there beea 10th season of the series?

If it felt like The Flash Season 9 was a good series finale, wrapping up a lot of storylines, that’s because it was. The series has come to an end. There are only two CWverse shows now on the network, and both of those remain in limbo for the next season.

As for The Flash, the ninth season was written as the last. This isn’t a show that was canceled, but one that was giving a final season to wrap everything up.

Why is The Flash ending after nine seasons?

Why not go for a 10th season? Well, there was a lot that went into this decision. If fans are honest, many were surprised the show got a ninth season. It felt like Season 8 was wrapping a lot up, and even the cast thought that it would be the end. Considering that year, The CW abruptly canceled Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman, it felt like The Flash was on the chopping block too.

That didn’t happen, giving the show time to wrap things up. When it was renewed for a ninth season, it was with a final season in mind. Many of the cast wanted to move on, and The CW is moving in another direction.

It’s possibly a good thing that it ended with this season. Nexstar took over The CW and has canceled almost everything. Superman & Lois and Gotham Knights remain in limbo out of the superhero shows, and it’s likely only one will make it through. We’re not sure which one yet. Superman & Lois deserves another season in terms of quality out of the two, but Gotham Knights is cheaper to create.

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The Flash* is available to stream on Netflix in both the U.S. and Canada.