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5 big questions we have after The Flight Attendant Episodes 1 to 3

The first three episodes of The Flight Attendant are here, and we already have some major questions. Here are the five biggest.

We’re just three episodes into The Flight Attendant, and we already have some major questions. Not all of them are even to do with the main storyline of the murder. At least, they don’t seem to be involved in that storyline.

Of course, there’s a chance that everything could eventually be combined. So, let’s dive straight into the major questions after watching the first three episodes of The Flight Attendant on HBO Max/Crave.

Why would someone want Alex dead?

Someone definitely murdered Alex. We all know that, but we don’t know who. While the FBI try to figure it out, Alex’s parents don’t seem all that worried about the “who.”

It all seems connected to money laundering for other clients of Annie’s. Something seems to have gone wrong and Alex has been killed because of that.

The big question is why. What happened to lead to Alex being murdered. And why in Bangkok of all places? There is a much bigger conspiracy.

What does Sabrina know?

Sabrina or at least the hedge fund business seems to be involved in the big conspiracy on The Flight Attendant. When Cassie went with questions, they immediately bottled up. Just the mention of Miranda’s name and they suspected something.

Sabrina later told Cassie that Miranda was a girlfriend, but that now doesn’t seem to be the case. However, now Sabrina isn’t saying a word. What is it that she really knows? What is it that her bosses are involved in that she has to stay quiet?

Could Sabrina be the weak link in all this? Get her drunk and maybe she’ll start talking again.

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Could Annie be involved?

The show started with Annie getting a phone call from someone else while she was on the phone to Cassie. She had to go quickly. Then there was the guy outside the building who nodded to Annie.

This is a lawyer who deals with a lot of shady people in New York City. She deals with the bad people who may or may not have had Alex killed.

Does Annie know more than what she’s letting on? That doesn’t seem so with the amount of digging she’s been doing into Alex and the hedge fund. Maybe she just doesn’t realize she’s involved and she’s going to get herself in a lot of trouble.

What is Megan getting herself into?

Speaking of getting herself in a lot of trouble, Miranda is doing just that. She’s working as a corporate spy to get information off her husband’s computer. It looks like plans for something, so what is she getting involved in?

Megan seems a little naive with these guys, too. They’ve promised her protection, but I don’t trust them at all. Once Megan has done her job, she could end up being killed off to keep her quiet.

Is all this somehow connected to Alex’s murder? Is this why Miranda told the FBI everything she did to set up Cassie and protect whoever she’s working for? There’s far more to this story than it initially seems.

What’s the deal with Miranda Croft?

Miranda Croft is a name that keeps coming up. Everyone who should know her is either staying schtum or pretending they don’t know her. However, it’s clear she wasn’t a girlfriend of Alex’s. It sounds like she’s either from some sort of rival firm or works for one of the bad people that the hedge fund launders money for.

During The Flight Attendant Episode 2, Miranda broke into Cassie’s apartment (she obviously didn’t check for the hid-a-key that everyone in New York seems to know about) and went through her drawers. I do have questions about the two passports Cassie had in there, but that’s for another time.

It doesn’t look like Miranda took anything or even left anything, so why did she go through Cassie’s apartment? And why, at the end of Episode 3, did she seem shocked that she came face-to-face with Cassie on a train?

Could Miranda actually be the one to help Cassie clear her name? That is if Cassie isn’t putting all this on and actually did kill Alex after all.

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What are your big questions after watching the first three episodes of The Flight Attendant? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Flight Attendant is available to stream on HBO Max and Crave, with more episodes dropping next Thursdays.