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The Flight Attendant: Is [Spoiler] dead?

The Flight Attendant Episode 5 saw Cassie get one step closer to the reasons Alex ended up dead, but it may have come at a cost.

Caution: There are spoilers in this post for the ending to The Flight Attendant Episode 5.

The Flight Attendant Episode 5 saw Cassie get a step closer to solving the mystery around Alex’s death. Now if only that car didn’t try to run her down.

There are certainly may questions after The Flight Attendant Episode 5. There are so many storylines happening, but they will clearly all end up connecting at some point. But this isn’t about all the individual storylines, and just about one person.

When the car tried to run Cassie over got close, Max pushed her out of the way. He’s the one who was hit by the car, and things don’t look good. Cassie was left calling out for help while giving him CPR.

Is that it for Max on The Flight Attendant?

Things don’t look good for Max, partly because he’s served his purpose. He managed to hack into the computer system to get information for Cassie, and that information links back to Miranda, who actually goes by the name of Elena.

Miranda/Elena is important in the book. She’s becoming an extremely important character on the show, we just don’t know how much she is involved and why just yet. The book reveals it all much sooner, so it’s interesting to see things play this out now.

But back to Max. He’s played his part. And he made the selfless act of pushing Cassie out of the way and let it hit him instead.

While his death hasn’t been called just yet, we can expect it on The Flight Attendant Episode 6.

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What will this mean for Cassie and Annie?

There’s no doubt that this death will have some implications. Annie is already annoyed by Cassie’s search for the truth. She’s annoyed that Max is helping Cassie with this wild goose chase when all she wants is for Cassie to sit down and stay out of more trouble.

There was a chance for the two to reconnect, especially with everything Cassie has now found out. That chance is blown, though.

Annie is in pain after everything she’s had to do all because she needed to get Cassie to safety. Now she’ll blame Max’s death on Cassie. After all, if Max hadn’t been helping Cassie in the first place, there’s no way Max would have died!

Grief is tricky. It makes people act out of character. And there’s no doubt that it’s going to play a part moving forward.

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Do you think Max is really dead? What’s next for Cassie on The Flight Attendant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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