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The Flight Attendant Season 1 finale ending explained

The Flight Attendant has come to an end after a hilarious and action-packed season. Here’s a breakdown of the events in the finale.

After eight episodes, The Flight Attendant Season 1 has come to an end. The mystery was solved, and Cassie now has a potential new job.

It’s time to break down The Flight Attendant Season 1 finale. Who really killed Alex and why? Who was now after Cassie? And would the FBI figure out she didn’t do it?

Who killed Alex and why?

The Flight Attendant Season 1, Episode 7 told us the answer to this question. It wasn’t Miranda/Elena/whatever we’re calling Michelle Gomez’s awesome character.

Nope, instead, it was Felix. And Cassie drunkenly let him into the hotel room in Bangkok. Oh, and Cassie already knew him as Buckley.

Yep, Buckley was the assassin after Cassie to finish the job, and Miranda was also on the list.

Why did Felix want to kill him? He was sent by Victor, who had money stolen by Alex. No, Alex wasn’t doing the dirty on his clients but on his parents. It was his act of rebellion, and it got him killed for it.

All the account numbers were written down in Crime and Punishment that he carried around with him. Cassie had it, and that was what Felix had been looking for.

Cassie learns a flight attendant is the CIA

Remember Megan’s storyline throughout The Flight Attendant? She thought the FBI was interested in her. Really, the FBI was interested in Cassie, but the CIA was interested in Megan.

Shane wasn’t just a flight attendant. He’s CIA and tasked with following Megan’s whereabouts. However, Megan manages to get away while in Italy.

There’s a heartbreaking moment where Megan is on the phone to her son, who says his dad has the stomach flu or something. Megan knows the truth. Her husband is devastated by her actions.

Megan seems to be off in the wind, but how long for? Megan has no job prospects or ways to hide her identity now. It’s only a matter of time before someone catches up to her.

However, this does open up the idea of a hope for a new job for Cassie. After the way she handled things, Shane says one of his contacts wants to talk to her.

Miranda is out there, somewhere

Megan isn’t the only one in the wind on The Flight Attendent Season 1 finale. So is Miranda.

Cassie saw Miranda dead in the bathtub, but you didn’t think they’d kill the amazing Michelle Gomez off screen, did you? Of course not!

She played possum while Felix and Cassie went at it. Once everything with Felix was done, Miranda was able to sneak out into the night. She did manage to leave Cassie Crime and Punishment, with the account numbers page ripped out, of course.

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Annie is disbarred

Annie made the decision to help her friend in the end, realizing that everything Cassie had told her was the truth. There was a major conspiracy, and it was time for Annie to do something good instead of constantly helping out the bad guys.

However, it meant obtaining evidence illegally. She handed it all to the FBI to help get to the bottom of the Felix mess, but it meant she was disbarred.

Her life is being a lawyer. What will she do now? That’s something for The Flight Attendant Season 2 to figure out.

What happened to Cassie on The Flight Attendant Season 1 finale?

Cassie managed to take down Felix with the help of Shane. She was cleared of any suspicion by the FBI. And she even managed to keep her job with the flight company.

Cassie also managed to find the root of her addiction. She was her dad’s drinking buddy. He only drank so much when he was with her, and for years, she’d held the guilt of her dad’s death. She blamed it on herself and hid the truth of life back home from herself because of that.

In the end, she decides she needs to kick her alcoholism. She also realizes that Alex isn’t in her head because she loves him. He’s in her head to help her understand and love herself more. At the very end, she shows her 24-hour sober chip to Annie, and it looks like things are moving forward for her.

This is different to the novel. While she gets sober, it’s not actually for herself. She does it because she finds out she’s pregnant with Alex’s child. I’m glad the show changed it to show Cassie makes the change for herself to prove that it can happen. You don’t need to put your sobriety on someone else.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 ends with Felix still alive and arrested, Victor dead by Miranda, and Miranda off in the wind. Cassie has new job prospects, and it’s clear there’s more story to tell.

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