Is The Good Doctor canceled or renewed for Season 7?

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ABC is making decisions one show at a time. The Good Doctor is the latest to have a decision made. Is it good news?

We are certainly ready to see more of Dr. Shaun Murphy in action. The Good Doctor offers some great storytelling, whether it’s the patent storylines or the conflicts and personal lives of the doctors at the hospital.

All eyes are on whether there will be more to the story. After all, we’re getting closer and closer to the Season 6 finale, and that means the summer break. Will it just be a summer break, or is ABC bringing this show to an end?

The Good Doctor Season 7 is officially happening

There is some excellent news for fans of the series. Shaun Murphy and co. will be back for another set of rounds. TVLine reported the great news that Season 7 is a go.

Of course, there are questions about who will return. We know the majority of the cast will likely be back, but there are two characters we’re concerned about. Harper Hill is set to run for Senate, and it looks like we’ll say goodbye to Dr. Andrews because of this. The biggest concern we have is Dr. Glassman.

In the most recent episode, Shaun was convinced that there was something wrong with Glassman’s brain. He may have figured it out, and he’s gone to Dr. Lim about it. We’ll see Lim observe Glassman to see if there really is a problem. Is it just stress, or is it time for Glassman to retire?

Eyes are also on the spin-off of the medical drama. The Good Lawyer backdoor pilot was a success, but ABC is still making a decision about whether to order it to series or not.

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The Good Doctor* airs Mondays on ABC in the U.S. and on CTV in Canada.