The Good Lawyer: The Good Doctor spin-off series in the works

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When you have a successful show, you want to create a franchise, right? It’s not surprising to hear a spin-off of The Good Doctor, called The Good Lawyer, is in the works.

TVLine shared the unsurprising news. ABC has ordered a spin-off of The Good Doctor, one of the top medical dramas on TV right now. With Grey’s Anatomy and The Rookie both getting spin-offs to extend the franchises, of course ABC was going to look at another series to off-shoot.

This one is taking a slightly different direction to the other two shows. While Grey’s moved into the first responder area with Station 19 and The Rookie kept things close with an FBI spin-off, The Good Doctor* will bring us a legal spin-off. There is plenty of room for some crossovers considering lawyers are important in the world of medical negligence claims.

What is The Good Lawyer about?

The series will follow an excellent female lawyer who has to deal with obsessive compulsive disorder. This isn’t the “a bit OCD” that people annoyingly joke about when they like one thing in a particular way. OCD can take over a life, making people think they need to wait for a certain number of clicks or having to lock a door a certain number of times.

We’ll get to meet this lawyer, Joni, at some point during The Good Doctor Season 6. Shaun is going to need a defense lawyer, and this brings Joni into the story. Why exactly is Shaun going to need a lawyer? This has us concerned, but again, medical negligence claims are possible.

Joni is likely the best person to help Shaun. She’s had to threaten to sue her own firm for going against the Disabilities Act. She’ll know the pressure Shaun will have felt throughout his time as a doctor. This is one person who will understand the way people look at and think about him.

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What do you hope to see in The Good Lawyer? What did you hope a spin-off would be about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Good Doctor Season 6 premieres on Monday, Oct. 3 at 10/9c on ABC. Catch up on the series on Hulu.