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The Great renewed: Hulu opts for second season despite being a limited series

The Great was originally promoted as a limited series. However, it turns out Hulu has decided a second season is in order.

If you enjoyed the first season of The Great, there’s some great (see what we did there?) news. Hulu has chosen to renew the series for a second season.

Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a limited series? That’s the way it was certainly billed, as Netflix Life shared. We weren’t really expecting a renewal, but Hulu has decided to extend Elle Fanning’s reign.

The decision to renew will likely be based on numbers. Maybe Hulu didn’t realize the popularity for a satirical comedy when it first ordered the series. It quickly became one of Hulu’s top-streamed comedies, so a renewal makes sense.

What will The Great Season 2 feature?

Nothing else is known about Season 2 just yet. Of course, with just getting a renewal, creator and writer Tony McNamara may not have fully thought that far.

It’s not like there isn’t much material. Usually, a show is billed a limited series because it’s based on a book or movie. Big Little Lies was supposed to be a limited series, based on the book of the same name. It was extended when the creators had another story to tell. However, the same probably won’t happen to Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, which is also based on a book.

The Great isn’t based on material, except history. However, it doesn’t follow all historical events. Being a satire, it is loosely based on the real Catherine the Great, offering humor and dramatic elements to the story. Of course, there are some elements that follow history, such as her becoming the Empress of Russia.

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman
It’s not clear who will return, except Elle Fanning will have to be on board. The show opted for a colorblind cast, meaning that historical figures that would have been white were played by people of other ethnicities.

Considering the characters spoke with British accents despite being Russian or from other European countries, the casting choices didn’t feel out of place. What the choices do offer is a way that all shows can start moving to colorblind casting.


What do you think of the satirical comedy? Are you ready for a second season? Share in the comments below.

The Great Season 2 will be on Hulu and will likely come to Amazon Prime Video internationally.