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The Irregulars surprisingly canceled after one season

There is some disappointing news for fans of the supernatural Sherlock Holmes drama. Netflix has canceled The Irregulars after one season.

This was not news we expected to get. After all, it was only as the show debuted that there were reports of its renewal. And those reports came from reputable sources.

On top of that, there were reports that more people tuned in for The Irregulars than The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. If Netflix had such a response in terms of viewership, why would it cancel the show? And that’s the problem.

While Deadline reports that The Irregulars Season 2 isn’t happening, there is no other information to work with.

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Why was The Irregulars canceled?

It’s really hard to work this out. The only reason Netflix would cancel a show is if there wasn’t the viewer base. However that doesn’t seem like it was the case. Of course, Netflix doesn’t reveal the exact figures of people watching, but the Nielsen streaming views offer a good idea of whether the show had the viewership or not.

Another reason could be cost. As a supernatural series, it’s possible that the show would have simply cost too much for a second season. However, the relatively unknown cast would have helped to reduce the costs.

All we can do is speculate right now. It doesn’t help to offer answers for a show that had a lot of promise. It is definitely a shame, and now it has us somewhat concerned about Shadow and Bone. We’re hoping for that renewal very soon to make up for this cancellation.

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The Irregulars is available to stream on Netflix.