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The Last Kingdom Season 4: Is Brida a hypocrite?

The Last Kingdom Season 4 gave us plenty of highs and lows. It also brought us many questions, including questioning whether Brida is a hypocrite.

We’re still waiting to hear about the future of The Last Kingdom. That means looking back at events and trying to understand characters’ actions. Today it’s all about Brida. There was a moment that looked like she may have been a hypocrite, but was there another reason for her actions?

At the start of The Last Kingdom Season 4, she told Cnut’s sons that they should kill themselves if they’re captured. That’s the best thing to do to avoid spilling secrets and to prevent them from becoming slaves. Yet, when Brida was captured by the Welsh, she asked Uhtred to kill her. She couldn’t do it herself despite holding a sword. Doesn’t that make her a hypocrite?

She wanted Uhtred to send her to Valhalla

All Brida wants is to be with Ragnar. After years of being with him and mourning his loss during The Last Kingdom Season 3, all she’s ever wanted is to join him in the hall. That’s exactly what she told Uhtred.

We know a warrior has to die with his sword in his hands to go to Valhalla. While Brida could make sure she kept her sword in her hands, does killing herself count as a death worthy of heading to Valhalla for? Probably not.

So, while she told the boys one thing, Brida wanted something specific. This wasn’t just about avoiding slavery but about going to Valhalla to be with Ragnar.

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It’s not the first time she’s been a hypocrite on The Last Kingdom

In all honesty, Brida has always had her moments of hypocrisy. There have been times that she’s expected more from people but never followed through herself. She has always had a problem with Uhtred’s attempts to get his own lands back, often meaning that he makes oaths with the Saxons. When it comes to getting land, she will make oaths with and promises to some questionable people.

Brida never really looks at things from another person’s view. It’s her way or the highway. She’s hated on Uhtred for leaving Ragnar despite an oath to Alfred meant sparing Ragnar’s life. Of course, Ragnar and Brida never knew about the oath but shouldn’t they have questioned whether Uhtred had a reason to give the oath he did? She sometimes wants things doing for her but she wouldn’t do things for other people.

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Brida can be a hypocrite. The Last Kingdom Season 4 didn’t make her a hypocrite, though. Telling Cnut’s sons that they should kill themselves was for their safety. Asking Uhtred to kill her was for her dying wish. However, if she really didn’t want to be a slave, she should have done as she instructed the boys.

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