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The Last Kingdom Season 4 is heading to Netflix in a month

Great news, Arselings! The Last Kingdom Season 4 is just a few weeks away. Netflix has confirmed it as part of the April 2020 releases.

Since finding out that we were getting a fourth season, we’ve wanted to know when Uhtred and his friends would return to our screens. Well, Arselings, we have news. The Last Kingdom Season 4 is heading to Netflix in April 2020.

We only have to wait a month. According to Netflix LifeThe Last Kingdom Season 4 is coming to Netflix on Apr. 26. That’s certainly exciting news.

Now, we need to know what to expect. There isn’t much news on that. This is a show that keeps spoilers as under wraps as possible, and that’s not changing this season. We’ve had a few glimpses from behind-the-scenes photos, but for the most part, we’re in the dark. Hey, at least we know that Season 4 is happening, which is more than we had when it came to the third season. Remember being so in the dark for that?

Netflix released a tease for The Last Kingdom. In that tease, we learned that Edward and Aethelflaed are divided on how to bring their father’s dream of a united England together. This isn’t that surprising as they’ve had different experiences of the Danes and have different people around them offering advice and suggestions. They also have different feelings for Uhtred. While Edward respects Uhtred, Aethelflaed loves him.

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Will Uhtred get his home back?

While all that happens, Uhtred is back on his mission to get his home back. From the very beginning, all he’s wanted to do is get the home that was stolen off him back. He’s wanted to get revenge against the uncle that sold him into slavery and turned his life upside down. That doesn’t mean he wants to go back to the life he once had, but he wants to get the land back; the birthright back.

Will that happen during The Last Kingdom Season 4. Well, the Netflix synopsis tells us he will try. Of course, he’s going to try but that doesn’t mean he’ll succeed.

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What are you looking forward to seeing on The Last Kingdom Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Last Kingdom Season 4 is coming to Netflix on Apr. 26, 2020.