The Last Kingdom Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray to be released October 2020

The Last Kingdom Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray release date has been officially set for October 2020

The story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg continued with The Last Kingdom Season 4 earlier this year on Netflix. Now, Areslings will be able to take the story home in the form of The Last Kingdom Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray.

Officially set to be released on October 6, 2020. Pre-orders for the DVD and Blu-ray set can be placed right now. Any pre-orders placed will be subject to the Amazon Price Guarantee.

Meaning if the price drops after you place your order you will be getting that dropped price. Also, if it goes up, you will not pay any more than the price advertised when you placed your order.

In short, you’re never going to pay any more than the price at time of pre-order. You will only pay the advertised price or less.


The Last Kingdom: Season Four [Blu-ray]

It looks like there is going to be some bonus footage. While not directly advertised on the product description, the picture of the box set showcases the bonus footage. Directly on the back it says:

The Making of Season Four: The Return to Bebbanburg

This is displayed on both the DVD & Blu-ray so it looks like this may be the only bonus features to be included. Which is a real shame if you were hoping for some deleted scene footage.

You never know though. There could be more bonus features, such as deleted scenes, included by the time the DVD and Blu-ray is released in October. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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Will you be placing an order for The Last Kingdom Season 4 DVD and Blu-ray? Have you already got the previous seasons on DVD and Blu-ray? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.