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The Last Kingdom Season 5 filming is complete

We’re getting closer to seeing the final season of The Last Kingdom. Filming on The Last Kingdom Season 5 is now finished.

The update is both good and bad. It’s that type of bittersweet news that you just don’t know if you want. And it is official, coming from director Jon East on his Instagram feed.

On the one hand, filming wrapping on The Last Kingdom Season 5 means that we’ll get to see the episodes soon. On the other hand, it means we’re a step closer to the final episodes, to the show being over.

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What does this mean for The Last Kingdom Season 5 coming to Netflix?

Of course, our biggest question right now is when the final season will arrive on Netflix. There isn’t a set date just yet, and that’s not all too surprising. Filming only wrapped on Monday, June 21. Of course Netflix won’t have a release date set just yet.

Now that filming is complete, the show will need to go through post-production. This could take a few months, especially depending on filming protocols and the ability to include extras on the set.

One thing that we know is that epic battles are included in the series. East says that the final episodes have been bigger and more complex than ever before. That would suggest a huge battle, which makes sense for a series finale. This has us excited, even though it is bittersweet.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on all things The Last Kingdom Season 5.

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What do you need to see on The Last Kingdom Season 5? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Last Kingdom is available to stream on Netflix.