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The Last Kingdom Season 5 release date confirmed for March 2022

We finally know when The Last Kingdom Season 5 is coming to Netflix. The series has also released a promo for the final season.

To say we’re excited is an understatement. The Last Kingdom Season 5 is something we’ve waited for far too long for. We expected it sometime early this year, but had thought it would be April. We’re getting it a month earlier than we anticipated.

The show shared the release date on its social media platforms. Alexander Dreymon also took to Instagram to share the poster with the release date. Get ready for an intense season.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 release date

The final season will arrive on Wednesday, March 9. This is an odd day for a Netflix release, but we’ll take it.

It is still the final season. That’s the way it is being billed. However, we know that a movie following the events of the season is confirmed. Dreymon shared that the group is filming the movie right now, and we see Sihtric in there. Where’s Finan?

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Season 5 of The Last Kingdom trailer

As well as a release date, the series shared the trailer. It gives us a look at what to expect, including who the big threat for Uhtred is. There’s only one person it could be, right?

It’s all about Brida.

It looks like there is a time jump. Brida gave birth alone at the end of the previous season but that child is now about seven or eight. And this child is being raised to hate Uhtred. Brida is going for Uhtred’s blood, so does that mean we’ll get to see where that missing son is?

Uhtred will also go after Bebbenburg again. He needs to end the series sitting on the throne of his birth right.

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What do you think of The Last Kingdom Season 5 trailer? What do you hope to see in the final season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Last Kingdom Season 5 will premiere on Wednesday, March 9 on Netflix.