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Is The Last of Us renewed for Season 2? (Is The Last of Us canceled?)

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With so many cancellations, we are worried about the future of a lot of shows. What about The Last of Us? HBO has decided the show’s fate.

HBO has been removing and canceling all sorts of TV shows. Some of these are fan-favorites, but they’re becoming tax write-offs. With how much has gone into a show like this one, there are a lot of people concerned.

In fact, you may have not started watching it in fear that it would be yet another show canceled. Well, HBO has made a decision. Is it good or bad?

The Last of Us is renewed for Season 2

There is some great news, and you’ll want to start watching if you’ve been holding off. The HBO series has been renewed for a second season.

The second season is likely to adapt storylines from the second game in the series*. This isn’t too surprising when you consider it works to have one mission or focus per season. The seasons are short enough to keep the storylines contained, and this helps to add tension as we watch the post-apocalyptic drama.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series won’t tell more stories than the games tell. Of course, we know that some storylines have been adapted to work for TV, but the overall mission and storylines have been the same from the gameplay.

The renewal shouldn’t be all too surprising. The series quickly became one of HBO’s most-watched shows. This is something that fans of the game and new fans love. It’s a post-apocalyptic storyline done right.

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The Last of Us airs Sundays on HBO Max in the U.S. and on Crave in Canada.