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The Lost Symbol coming to Peacock in September 2021

It’s time for another Dan Brown adaptation, and this time it’s made for TV. The Lost Symbol is coming to Peacock next month.

Peacock certainly had some fun with the premiere date reveal for The Lost Symbol. The series is full of mysteries and clues to figure out, so what better way to reveal the date than through a crossword puzzle?

Fortunately, the reveal was quickly made. If you’re no good at crosswords like me, you didn’t need to worry too much about solving things. And now we have another series to look forward to in the fall.

The Lost Symbol: Featuring Robert Langdon ($)

When is The Lost Symbol coming to Peacock?

There isn’t long to wait. The series will be part of the September lineup on the NBC streaming service. In fact, get Thursday, Sept. 16 in your diary.

Episodes will come out weekly on the streamer. It’s not yet clear where the episodes are going internationally, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do!

Take a look at the video reveal for the date:

What is the series about?

The show follows Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol, but there are some substantial changes. The biggest one is that the series will be set before the movies. It’s a prequel series, focusing on Robert Langdon in his earlier days. Those who have read the books know that this story follows the events of Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

Ashley Zuckerman plays the young Robert Langdon as he solves deadly puzzles to save his mentor, who has been kidnapped. Naturally, there’s a chilling global conspiracy that he needs to figure out and stop.

Valorie Curry, Sumalee Montano, Rick Gonzalez, Eddie Izzard, and Beau Knapp also star in the series.

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What are you looking forward to seeing on The Lost Symbol? Which parts of the book need to be included for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Lost Symbol is coming to Peacock on Thursday, Sept. 16.