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The Magicians Season 5 trailer gives us multiple quests and problems

The Magicians Season 5 trailer is finally here, along with a release date. What can we expect now that magic is back and Fillory is in another’s control?

Season finales are never easy, and that was certainly the case for The Magicians Season 4. We lost Quentin and now the fifth season is about honoring his memory and sacrifice, while dealing with the grief that comes with that loss. We can’t forget the quests and problems that will arise throughout the 13-episode season. We get all of that and more from The Magicians Season 5 trailer.

The trailer was released on Dec. 3. Fans are mixed. Some are still angry at the decision for Quentin to be the one to sacrifice himself at the end of the fourth season. Others are excited to see what’s in store for the new storyline. It’s clear that Q isn’t going to be forgotten. His friends and loved ones want to honor his memory, and it looks like Alice is going to find a way to bring him back. At least, that’s what the promo seems to hint at as she tries to do something.

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Magic is back

However, that’s not where the focus lies. Magic has returned. We saw Julia freeze cards in the way that Q did in the very first season at the end of the fourth season finale. At first, we wondered if it was just Julia, but now it’s clear that it’s everywhere. Magic is back.

The problem is magic is too powerful. Enchantments and spells are overpowered and failing. Everything is extra dangerous—because things weren’t dangerous at all before, right? Dean Fogg and his students will have to figure out how to return magic to the way it was.

THE MAGICIANS — “No Better To Be Safe Than Sorry” Episode 413 — Pictured: (l-r) Hale Appleman as Eliot Waugh, Summer Bishil as Margo Hanson — (Photo by: SYFY)

The Magicians delivers more Fillory

We’re not leaving Fillory behind. After Margo left to help deal with the Eliot/Beast situation after being overthrown, she returned to find out that everything has changed. Fen and Josh were overthrown too and the world is in a perilous situation. It’s going to be up to Margo to fix everything.

That’s not going to be all that easy. It looks like Margo and Fen are still going to have to face off against each other, but there are signs that the two will end up on the same side. It makes sense since that whole “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thing. At least it looks like Margo and Josh are still a thing.

Eliot also seems to be on a quest. Will this be to help Margo and Fillory or will he have his own destiny? That’s going to be an exciting storyline mixed in with the grief of everything left unsaid and undone.

Check out the promo for The Magicians Season 5 below and get ready for the return:

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What do you hope to see in The Magicians Season 5? What are your questions now that you’ve seen the promo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Magicians Season 5 premieres on Jan. 15 on SYFY.