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The Magicians Season 5 will be on Netflix in January 2021

It’s time to relive the entire fifth season of The Magicians. The final season will be available on Netflix in January 2021.

There isn’t long to wait until you can binge-watch the entire series of The Magicians. The fifth and final season is joining Netflix in January 2021.

Get Friday, Jan. 15 in your diary. All 13 episodes of the final season will be available to watch. And while the show was canceled partway through the season, this was the first finale without a major cliffhanger. The showrunners had a feeling this could happen and didn’t want to end in a way that would annoy fans.

The release date is exactly a year from the premiere of The Magicians Season 5. It’s slightly later than we normally see, but that’s because there isn’t another season premiering this January.

What to expect on The Magicians Season 5

The fifth season picks up off the back of the loss of the fourth season finale. Quentin sacrificed his own life for his friends, bringing back magic in the process.

Not everyone was willing to accept that loss. Some looked for ways to bring him back, although would it be possible after everything that happened?

Meanwhile, Margo and Eliot needed to fix the problems in Fillory starting in The Magicians Season 5 premiere ($). When they returned, they learned the Dark King had taken over 300 years ago. What happened to Fen and Josh? That’s something for them to find out in a quick recap of the events.

Then there’s Brakebills. Dean Fogg turns to Penny for help when there’s an influx of new students thanks to magic coming back more powerful than ever.

The Netflix release is only in the United States. Canada gets the series on Amazon Prime Video, but there’s no word on when the fifth season will be available yet.

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The Magicians Season 5 is on Netflix on Friday, Jan. 15.