The Masked Singer: Is the Tree Lisa Kudrow?

The Masked Singer revealed the Butterfly, but we’re focused on the Tree. Could it be Lisa Kudrow? That’s our big theory from the clues.

We’ve been extremely late to the game when it comes to The Masked Singer. In fact, the only reason I gave it a chance was because I had terrible toothache and just couldn’t be bothered moving to find the remote to change the channel. Yes, really! And after the first week of watching it, I was hooked, wishing that I watched from the beginning.

But better late than never, right?

This doesn’t mean I can’t get into the guessing game of who the celebrities are under the masks. And my The Masked Singer theory for today is all about the Tree.

I’ve not seen all of the clues, but I have been through a few of them since. However, there were two clues in the Dec. 4 episode that stood out to suggest that the Tree is Lisa Kudrow. It’s all about the “What is a friend” poster and the mention of Smelly Cat. Every Friends fan knows that Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe had a hit song, Smelly Cat.

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And Kudrow can sing. We know that from Friends. You could tell that there was a voice behind her hilarious song. And the voice reminds me of Kudrow in friends.

To be honest, I’m not great with clues. I don’t know too much about celebrities. That’s not my thing. So I have to go off the voices and if they sound familiar. I guessed the Butterfly based on the voice. I couldn’t name her (mostly because the only person I remembered from Destiny’s Child when growing up was Beyonce (oops!)) but I knew that she was one of the singers in Destiny’s Child. That was something I told my husband before the reveal on The Masked Singer last night.

I’m working with the voice on my theory that the Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry. So, now I’m working with the idea that Lisa Kudrow is the Tree based on Smelly Cat and the voice.

What do you think? Am I way off? Who do you think is the Tree on The Masked Singer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.