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The Masked Singer gets spin-off greenlit: Look out for The Masked Dancer

FOX has had so much success with The Masked Singer that it’s greenlit a spin-off. Look out for The Masked Dancer coming soon!

The winter TCAs are taking place, and Jan. 7 saw FOX take to the stage. This is a chance to talk about the upcoming plans for the next season, which means a discussion of programs greenlit. Among the list for FOX is a Masked Singer spin-off. Look out for The Masked Dancer.

It’s not all that surprising that The Masked Singer is getting a spin-off already. The reality program has been a huge success. Quirky and fun, this is a show that I understand why has been so successful. There’s the element of mystery, trying to figure out who a celebrity is based on the clues.

And now, TVLine shares that the spin-off, The Masked Dancer, is on its way. Like the singing program, the show will consist of numerous costumed celebrities. They’re all masked and the judges (and we) will get clues but the difference is that they’ll be dancing instead of singing.

I’ve got to admit, I’m not sure how this is going to work. Could you imagine Tree or Flamingo trying to dance? Some of those costumes were not set up for that.

Of course, it could mean new costumes that are smaller and allow for more movement. Part of the fun is seeing these elaborate costumes, so hopefully, there won’t be too much missing from them to allow the celebrities to dance.

We can thank the Ellen DeGeneres Show for the idea. During the daytime talk show, Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) and Howie Mandel (America’s Got Talent) dressed up and performed. It was an instant success. It should be surprising after that to hear that DeGeneres will executive produce the series.

It will be fun, but logistically, I can’t see how the costumes will work. But I’m thinking of those large costumes from The Masked Singer. DeGeneres and co will have it all worked out.

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