The Masked Singer has gone back into production with an exciting twist

The Masked Singer is back in production ready for Season 4 in the fall. There’s a new voting twist to get fans involved.

When FOX announced its fall plans, there were few shows we’re used to on the list. The Masked Singer was one of them, knowing that it was more likely to head back to production in time compared to the scripted shows.

Well, the series is now back in production. It headed back in on Aug. 20, according to Deadline. The crew members are masked up and physical distancing is being observed, but the singers are ready.

What’s not clear is whether there will be a live audience. In the UK, its version of the show is returning with a live audience. Things are working differently over there compared to the U.S.

Fan voting for the first time

The Masked Singer knows it needs to up things a little, which is why it’s bringing in a slight twist to the voting. For the first time ever, fans at home will be able to get involved.

Details on this haven’t been shared yet. However, it’s possible that it will work similarly to American IdolAmerica’s Got Talent, and other similar shows. Viewers will likely phone or text in. There may also be a social media element to it.

This could replace a live audience if there isn’t one. After all, the voting for the contestants has always been on the judges and the live audience votes.

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Will this mean we’ll have to wait an extra night to find out who has been voted out and been unmasked? There are no plans in the fall schedule for The Masked Singer to be on two nights. It’s likely there will be a short space of time to get votes in and then a break to tally up the numbers.

What will be interesting is whether this can fix a slight problem the show had. Some of the best singers were being knocked out for entertainment. I definitely don’t think opening up to viewers at home is going to help with that! People want entertainment and that doesn’t always mean the best singers remaining on the show.

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What do you think about the fan voting on? Who do you hope are the celebrities competing this season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer is set to return on Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.