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The Masked Singer: Is the Rottweiler Chris Daughtry?

The Masked Singer certainly has us stumped with some of the celebrity identities. However, we’re sure the Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry.

We were wrong about the Tree on The Masked Singer. The identity of the Christmas-themed celebrity was revealed during the Dec. 10 episode of the series. No spoilers here if you haven’t watched it yet. After all, this is all about the theory on who the Rottweiler is. We think it’s Chris Daughtry.

This is a name the judges haven’t come up with just yet. They have gone through various other names, including Jared Leto. And while there are times that it could be the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman (the My So-Called Life clue was a hint at that), there’s still something in my gut that tells me this is Chris Daughtry. So many of the clues fit.

But for me, it’s all about the voice. I’ve listened enough to Daughtry over the years to know Chris’ voice. There’s no mistaking it. There’s something so soulful about it that it’s the reason I listen to certain Daughtry songs over and over again.

The voice not enough to convince you? How about the clues?

  • Flag of North Carolina: There’s where Chris Daughtry is from
  • Fame overnight: Chris was on American Idol in 2006
  • Loves to play football: He was on his high school football team
  • Blue roses: He has a blue rose tattoo on his arm
  • “It’s not over:” His band has a song called It’s Not Over
  • Judged from the moment he entered the game: Again, it goes back to American Idol

All of this has me convinced and I’m really surprised that the celebrity judges haven’t even brought up his name once yet. I guess none of them are Daughtry fans.

There are some clues that don’t quite fit. However, is it possible that he’s offering some red herring clues to make fans thing more along the lines of Jared Leto? Can they do that on The Masked Singer?

The Rottweiler easily made it through to another round (and I’d like to see him win) so it was the Tree unveiled on Dec. 10. I doubt we’ll find out the identity of the Rottweiller during the Dec. 11 episode either, but we can keep guessing, right?

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Who do you think is behind the mask? Am I off with Chris Daughtry? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer airs an all-new episode on Dec. 11 at 8/7c on FOX.