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The Masked Singer: Fans cheer as the panelists guess Frog is Bow Wow!

The Masked Singer fans took to Twitter during the April 29 episode cheering as the panelists finally guess that Frog is Bow Wow. But is he?

There’s one thing we love about following the conversations on Twitter about The Masked Singer. It’s seeing all the universal guesses. For a long time, Bow Wow has been the main name mentioned about Frog, but the panelists have never mentioned him.

That is until now!

During the April 29 episode, the panelists mentioned Bow Wow’s name. More specifically, Jenny McCarthy guessed the rapper. And while Nicole Scherzinger agreed that there were a lot of Bow Wow clues in there, she’s not going for him. Oh well.

Fans cheered at McCarthy finally make the right guess. And yes, we think it’s the right guess!

My wife has been saying for a couple of weeks that it’s Bow Wow. In fact, she hums one of his songs every time Frog’s clue package comes up.

It made me look at some of the clues and see how they could connect. One of the clues comes from the package last night. The number 13 popped up. He was 13 when he made it big on the rapping scene.

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The basketball mentions seem to link to Like Mike, a movie that saw him take on the lead role of Calvin Cambridge. The toy soldiers will connect to the war movie Allegiance, which he starred in during 2013 (another 13!).

Where does the $106 come into play? This was something bugging me for a while, but Bow Wow hosted 106 & Park, the BET music show, for three years. And of course, the Atlanta clue has been bugging a lot of people recently (the Olympics clue). This is where Bow Wow now lives.

It certainly seems like The Masked Singer Season 3’s Frog is Bow Wow. And yes, we’re glad the panelists have finally mentioned his name. Maybe it will stop my wife humming every time Frog comes to the screen. (Probably not).

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Who do you think Frog is? What are your guesses for other masked celebrities? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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