The Masked Singer Season 3: Is Turtle Jesse McCartney?

The competition is already heating up in The Masked Singer Season 3. After two episodes, we think we know who Turtle is. Could it be Jesse McCartney?

The guessing game is on in The Masked Singer Season 3, and for today’s post, we’re looking at Turtle. We think we know who it is, and we’re not alone with these thoughts. Could Turtle be Jesse McCartney?

The one-time teen idol has been overlooked by the judges on the series so far. That’s not all that surprising considering Chris Daughtry was completely overlooked when it came to The Masked Singer Season 2. So far, the judges have guessed the likes of Zac Efron and Donnie Wahlberg, but we’re looking at McCartney.

Actor, singer, and more

The clues certainly fit the former teen idol. He was originally in a band called Dream Street. With only one album released before the band broke up, you may not have heard of them. Only one really made a name for himself after: Jesse McCartney. This fits the clue with the chessboard that includes letters. When put together, they make up part of the band name. He also mentioned that people around him fought tooth and nail for a career and that stars burned too brightly and fizzled out, which could connect to his former band.

Clues also point towards the Teen Choice Awards that McCartney has one in the past. The award is the shape of a surfboard, and we saw that throughout the clue package. he was also on the show Summerland, which involved surfboards.

What about the baseball bat? This could be a connection to his appearance in Fear The Walking Dead. You know, the spin-off to the show where Negan has a baseball bat called Lucille? I might be reaching there, but the clues don’t always have to be directly connected. After all, he’d want to throw us off, right?

But what about the food?

One thing I’ve not worked out yet is the food in all the clue packages. This is why I do sometimes go to Donnie or Mark Wahlberg, but Jesse McCartney is my main choice right now.

With the voice, my wife is also on the side of a 90s boyband type singer. Swaying between Mark Wahlberg and Jesse McCartney, she’s on the side of the latter.

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Who do you think Turtle is on The Masked Singer Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer Season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.