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The Masked Singer Season 3’s White Tiger has to be Rob Gronkowski

The Masked Singer is back with its third season and we’re back on the guessing game. White Tiger has to be Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, right?

We’re back on the guessing game train with The Masked Singer Season 3. There’s one that stands out the most compared to the others. It’s all about White Tiger, who has to be Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, right?

Even if you missed the clues, you’d likely start to guess Gronk. The decision to do “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice on the premiere episode after the Super Bowl was a giveaway. He’d performed it for a teeth whitening commercial years ago, and the voice is the same. There was no way to mask it.

But it’s not all about the voice. The clues point to White Tiger being Gronk on The Masked Singer.

It’s all about football

“Four scores and seven years ago” is something Abraham Lincoln is famous for saying, but it was used in the clue package. When you add up the figures, it leads to 87 (jersey number), according to Entertainment Weekly. During the second episode, one of the judges made reference to Super Bowl appearances and scores, which linked back to the saying.

Also, when you look at the clam trophy, there’s the number 51, which links to winning Super Bowl 51. The poster date 5/3 is likely a reference to winning Super Bowl 53.

Wrestling clues

You may be thrown off by some of the wrestling clues, making you think that it’s a wrestler behind the mask. However, it’s worth noting that Gronk is a huge wrestling fan, and he appeared on Wrestlemania 33.

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His height

Okay, we have to admit that the height gives a lot away, too. When stood next to Nick Cannon, the White Tiger towers above. Cannon isn’t exactly small at 6ft either. However, Gronk is 6ft 6in, so towering over someone who is 6ft is understandable. It’s also another giveaway that we’re dealing with the former New England Patriots player.

Who do you think is White Tiger? Who do you think are other masked singers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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