The Masked Singer Season 4 theories: Who is the Sun?

We’re back to the guessing game. The Masked Singer Season 4 is back and we have clues to break down. Who is behind the Sun Mask?

The Masked Singer Season 4 premiered on Sept. 23, and it did not disappoint. If you thought Season 3 was packed with talent, wait until you hear the voices from the fourth season. They were outstanding.

Of course, with the return of the show, it means the return of the guessing game. We can’t help but break down the clues and figure out who is behind each of the masks. We’re starting with the Sun Mask.

Sun was the first performer of the night, and you likely immediately recognized her voice. My wife certainly did and is already calling it. To be fair, her gut guesses have often turned out to be the right ones. So, who do we think Sun is on The Masked Singer Season 4?

The Sun is likely Christina Aguilera

We’re saying The Voice judge Christina Aguilera is the one behind the mask. My wife says she’d recognize the voice anywhere.

But without knowing the voice, there are a few clues that link to Xtina.

We have the Mickey Mouse symbol that popped up, which would link to Christina Aguilera’s time with The Mickey Mouse Club. There were connections to Madonna, leading to Ken Jeong guessing her, but we think it’s connected to THAT kiss.

There were mentions of pressure that she felt, and Christina has regularly spoken about pressures when she first started in the industry. Remember when she was constantly being compared to Brittany Spears? She eventually found her own path.

There was a huge clue in a comment about the song being a reflection of who she is. Christina Aguilera sang Reflection for both the 1998 animated movie and the 2020 reboot of Mulan.

What about LeAnn Rhimes or Demi Lovato on The Masked Singer?

There are a lot of comments that it could be either LeAnne Rhimes or Demi Lovato. We’d have to agree that there are some connections, but that voice sounded too much like Christina Aguilera.

However, we’re happy to be proven wrong.

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Who do you think is behind the Sun Mask? What did you think of The Masked Singer Season 4? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Masked Singer Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.