The Masked Singer Season 4 theories: Who is Giraffe?

The Masked Singer is back, and that means we’re back to the guessing game. The Masked Singer Season 4 premiere introduced Giraffe.

One of the things we love about The Masked Singer is trying to guess the celebrities before they’re revealed. Giraffe is one of those that has us scratching our heads. However, we have a couple of theories.

Giraffe walked in with a Hamilton-esque costume, which has led to many questioning whether Lin-Manuel Miranda is on the stage. We don’t think so. For one, Lin-Manuel Miranda is on the shorter side, and based on where the mic was being held, Giraffe is relatively tall. There was a clue of dodgers, which led to some questioning whether it could be an F1 driver. Lewis Hamilton, maybe? A clue about no longer having to rely on his voice rules Hamilton out. However, the Hamilton-style costume could be the big clue to Lewis Hamilton.

There are two guesses that the panelists made that we think could possibly be right: Travis Barker and Vanilla Ice.

Why Giraffe could be Vanilla Ice

Let’s start with the 1990s white rapper. He certainly made a name for himself in the past, but his flame died. However, he certainly paved the way for Eminem. The clue about no longer relying on his voice could connect to the fact that Vanilla Ice is no longer in the music business. After a few risky adventures, he’s now a home renovator and doing well at that.

Even the bumper cars could connect to Vanilla Ice. He tried his hand at Motorcross racing. There were mentions of him crashing and burning, which could link to the failed careers between rapping and home renovating.

Why Travis Barker may be on The Masked Singer

What about the former Blink-182 drummer? We have to look at how the clue package involves Giraffe being the butt of the jokes. Nobody really took Blink-182 seriously, did they? Sure, the band was fun but they poked fun at boybands all the time. Their videos and their music were comedic in nature.

Barker was also involved in a plane crash, which could have linked to the “crash and burn” clue, and there was the clue that he “drummed up,” which could link to the fact that Barker was the drummer of Blink-182. Can Barker rap, though?

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Who do you think is under the Giraffe Mask? What did you think of The Masked Singer Season 4 premiere? Share in the comments below.

The Masked Singer Season 4 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX.