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What is so special about Amalia True on The Nevers?

Now we’ve had a chance to watch and rewatch The Nevers series premiere, it’s time to ask one big question. What’s so special about Amalia True?

The Nevers certainly has a lot of stereotypical Joss Whedon elements to it. There are elements that will most likely remind you of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This could be a problem long-term, but Whedon stepped down partway through the project so there may have been enough time to redirect things.

This isn’t really the point of the article though. There were a lot of things happening in The Nevers series premiere. One of those is a hint that Amalia True is something more than the rest of the Touched.

Yes, she is Touched, and she gained the ability to see the future. She gets glimpses to help know where she will be to handle a fight. However, she also has what seems to be superhuman strength.

We knew Amalia had to be somewhat special to be the protagonist on a show full of people with superpowers. However, that was likely as the leader of the group or someone who has a loud voice for those who need it. Instead, it looks like she is something other than the Touched.

What happened to Amalia True when the spaceship flew over on The Nevers?

The abilities have come from some sort of magical glitter thrown out of a spaceship flying over the Earth. As that happened, Amalia threw herself in the water to die by suicide. And she may have passed on for a while.

When the glitter touched her, she suddenly had this need to fight against what she was doing. She climbed onto the docks.

Is it possible that she wasn’t just “Touched.” Is it possible that she always brought something back from the Other Side. Or is it possible that someone who was Touched at the time of death gets extra abilities?

Of course, it could also be possible that she’s not who she says she is. When in the carriage with Declan Orrun, Amalia tells him “this isn’t my face” as he holds a knife to it. Is it possible that she wasn’t lying? Is she some sort of alien that has stolen Amalia’s body?

She completely changed after this. Is it possible that she has some secret mission, and that’s why she’s helping the Touched?

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What do you think is going on with Amalia True? What questions do you have after The Nevers series premiere? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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