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The Nevers: What did Mary’s song mean?

Caution: There are spoilers from The Nevers Season 1, Episode 4 in this post.

Myrtle understood Mary’s song on The Nevers. It took a group of translators, but the lyrics were unraveled. What does the song mean?

While everyone grieved the loss of Mary, Myrtle struggled considerably trapped with a turn that doesn’t allow her to communicate with people all that well. She understands others, but she can’t speak English. In fact, she doesn’t just speak one language in a sentence.

So, when it came to finding out that she understood Mary’s song, it meant finding a group of people who could speak other languages to come together. And they did, eventually figuring out the lyrics to Mary’s song. Those lyrics were words to Amalia True.

As soon as Amalia heard the lyrics, she broke down crying. You see, Mary’s song wasn’t just one of hope for the Touched. They were a message to our struggling leader.

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Amalia isn’t alone in the world on The Nevers

We know there’s some sort of secret Amalia is keeping. In fact, she’s not ever really kept it a full secret. Between mentions of her face not being her own and Maladie saying she’s the woman who sheds her skin, it’s always been clear that she’s possibly not the Amalia True we watched throw herself in the river.

During Episode 4, she told Lucy that she was left behind on the night they were all Touched. Something went wrong, and she wasn’t supposed to be there. It certainly seems like she’s one of these aliens, and she has no idea what the original intention was.

However, the song offered her a message. She’s not alone. Someone else is also there, trapped in the dark. And this may have something to do with the doctor who has been cutting into the brains of the Touched. He has unearthed something underground, potentially the something that connects to this message. We knew that had to connect to the main story in some sort of way, and now The Nevers offers us a glimpse.

The question is whether we’ll get any answers soon. There are just two episodes before the show goes on a break (there are 12 episodes to the season in total split in two parts). We need some answers before then.

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What did you think about the message in the song? What does this mean for Amalia moving forward? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nevers airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO in the U.S. and on Crave with the HBO add-on in Canada.