The Nick Box fall 2019: Unboxing and reviewing the Halloween box

The Nick Box Halloween 2019 special came a little late, but it’s better later than never. Here’s an unboxing review of the CultureFly offering.

While The Nick Box fall 2019 mystery crate arrived after Halloween, it was still filled with nostalgic fun. It’s time to take a look at the various items that arrived, ready to help you decide if the winter 2019 offering is worth subscribing to. Hint: it is!

This would have been an excellent crate to receive in time for Halloween 2019. The Nick Box was full of trick-or-treating fun, and included some excellent cards that would have made great decorations on the bookshelf. I guess we’ll be keeping them for next year. I’ve tried to keep the fact that it was late out of my thoughts of the individual items, but it’s wasn’t easy for some of them.

As usual, this review will be split with the bad, the mediocre, and the good.

The bad: There isn’t anything

This is one of those crates where I’m happy with everything. Some of the items may be okay, but there’s nothing that I’m looking at wishing for something much better. Nothing I’m looking at is an item that I won’t somehow get a use or some fun out of.

The only thing I wish is that the crate came on time. The cards don’t have much use now, so they’ll be stored in boxes until next Halloween. The vinyl is okay, but it’s no use when it’s not time for trick-or-treating.

The mediocre: Vinyl, cards, t-shirt

While the vinyl and cards are cool, they’re only mediocre items in the box. Apart from being decorative, there’s not much that I can do with them. In fact, I wouldn’t put them up except during Halloween.

The vinyl is a great idea, using the Two Angry Beavers in costumes for some Halloween fun. However, this item in The Nick Box is heading to my daughters, who will have a lot more fun with it. If I’m honest, all but The Real Monsters vinyl have gone to my daughters.

While I like the T-shirt and it is a great fit, there’s one thing that bugs me. It’s all about the branding. The top right corner has “The Nick Box Exclusive” written on it. I get that CultureFly will want to have its branding somewhere, but I prefer not to have it labeled on me when I’m walking around. A subtle branding on the arm or at the bottom of the t-shirt would be better.

I also find the T-shirt a little too busy. I’m not sure what to focus on. While some will like that, I find it messes with my eyes a little too much.

The good: Notebook, puzzle cube, and more

Everything else in the box was great. As much as I hate clowns, I really appreciate the notebook and bookmarks that focus on Are You Afraid of the Dark! We knew this item was coming, but it’s great to see it in the flesh. The notebook is a good size and the paper a good quality. I always like the useable items in The Nick Box.

Then there’s the puzzle cube. It’s very much like a Rubics cube but with The Real Monsters. This is a great way to add something fun to the box while keeping the theme going.

The two bathroom items are also excellent since they’re so useable. Because of our bathroom set up, I may not use the soap dish as an actual soap dish, but I’ll definitely get a use out of it. The toothbrush holder will definitely replace the little cup that my husband and I are using to add some of our geekiness to the bathroom.

My only complaint with the toothbrush holder is how hard it was to put the toothbrush in the hand! It was very stiff and it’s still not in properly. I’m not sure if that’s a design flaw or was supposed to happen.

What do you think of The Nick Box fall 2019 mystery crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box winter 2019 crate is available for pre-orders now.