The Nick Box fall 2020 unboxing and review: Halloween theme

As with previous fall boxes from The Nick Box, 2020 had a Halloween theme. here’s a look inside the box, with my honest review.

Halloween is a popular theme for The Nick Box around the fall. After all, the boxes usually arrive in time for the scariest day of the year.

Sadly, The Nick Box fall 2020 box ($) didn’t get to me in time for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean the box isn’t useful. There wasn’t much that was for the actual day.

With useful fall/winter wearables and some great desk items, this box was full of something fun. Let’s take a look inside The Nick Box fall 2020 mystery crate.

Image by Alexandria Gunn

The hat and the hoodie

There were two wearable items in The Nick Box fall 2020 crate. The first was a Hey, Arnold! hoodie. On the back, it does say that it’s a Halloween hoodie, but this can be worn throughout the year when needed. And it’s perfect for this time of year! There have been days I’ve lived in it because it’s so warm.

Like the Superman hoodie from the winter 2020 World’s Finest Collection, the hoodie in on a thinner side, but it works over t-shirts and vest tops easily.

It’s a little tight at the bottom around the waist, though. I’m not sure why as it’s a little baggy around the chest and shoulders. The fit doesn’t seem to be quite right.

One thing I do adore is the black and white print used. It make sit stand out against the color, and fans of Hey, Arnold! will recognize everyone.

The second wearable is a hat, perfect for this time of year. It is on the smaller side, though, and I have a small head. One of my kids has claimed the hat already and it fits her head perfectly.

It is a warm hat, though! She has no complaints when she’s playing outside at school.


Stationary and a desk vacuum cleaner

Desk items seemed to be the theme for The Nick Box fall 2020 crate. This shouldn’t be that surprising since fall is the time to go back to school.

There’s a little notepad and pen. I will admit my other kid quickly claimed the pen, and she has continuously used it for her school work since the box arrived last week. She has complained that the rubber topper is too heavy, and it is. You need to remove it to write.

The notepad is standard. I like that it’s has a magnet on the back, making it great for shopping lists. You can put the pad on the fridge and make a note of anything you need to buy.

This isn’t what the pad will be used for, though. It sits on my desk as we have whiteboards on the fridge for those types of notes.

The desk vacuum is such a cute, novelty idea. I don’t know if it works. I haven’t tried it yet, but even if it doesn’t, it’s just something cute to put on the desk as an ornament. The vacuum replaces the traditional vinyl so I do hope it works. I’ll report back when I’ve had a chance to check it out properly.

Pin, plush, and glass in The Nick Box fall 2020

Finally, it’s time for the less usable items. Well, the glass isn’t unusuable, but it’s my least favorite item in the box.

I love that it’s Rugrats and that it’s from one of the Halloween-themed episodes, but I don’t have a lot of luck with glasses from CultureFly. The stickers come off after one or two washes, so I’m not expecting this sticker to last for long.

Maybe CultureFly has solved the quality problem with the stickers. I’ll have to wait and see.

The last two items are a pin and a plush. The pin is from an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark. I’ll be honest and say I wish there was something bigger from this show for the Halloween box, but at least there was something. It’s great for bags at comic-con.

The plush is small and huggable. My daughter has claimed it as hers. I haven’t seen it since the photos because it’s always in her bed for a night.

Overall, the box was good. There were plenty of useable items, which always makes me happy. I need fewer vinyls clogging up the space on the shelves and more of these useable items.

All this makes me excited about The Nick Box winter 2020 crate.

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