The Nick Box fall 2020 theme revealed

Sales for The Nick Box fall 2020 mystery crate have now opened. We also have the theme for the quarter. Here’s what to expect.

Are you ready to add a new mystery box to your collection? Sales for The Nick Box fall 2020 are open, and we have a theme.

The Nick Box spring 2020 box was shipped last month. It looks like a quarter is being skipped, possibly due to the shipping delays that happened with the spring box (and it did have a great summer feel). This fall box is set to ship mid-October.

What’s the theme for the box?

The CultureFly box is heading to the stars.

What could that mean for the items we’ll get? Could we have the various characters out in space? Wearing their spacesuits? Maybe they’ll be on the moon or holding a few stars. I can see the creators of the items having a lot of fun with this theme, and it certainly suits an October box. There’s an element of make-believe to the month because of Halloween.

As the boxes have only just gone on sale, there are no spoilers to share. We’ll be sure to share them as soon as we have them.

Can you still pre-order in bulk?

Something that is a little concerning is that it’s no longer possible to sign up for a full year in bulk. You can only get one box at a time. That’s not the case with the likes of the Supernatural or the World’s Finest Collection boxes. You can get a full year to save on costs.

The only time I’ve seen this happen was with the Game of Thrones box, which is also a box that skipped a quarter without telling anyone. The boxes were stopped shortly after this happened. I’ll be keeping an eye on the future of The Nick Box.

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What do you think of the theme? What do you hope is included in the fall box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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