The Nick Box review: Summer 2019 is full of vacation-themed items

Not sure if The Nick Box is for you? Take a look at our The Nick Box review for summer 2019 to see what you will get.

The summer is here, and you’ll definitely feel it with The Nick Box summer 2019. Full of old-school Nickelodeon swag, this box is perfect for those planning trips away or just wanting something for their vacation memories. Here’s our The Nick Box review to see what subscribers got this month to help you decide if it’s worth it next month.

As usual, I like to break this down into the good, the bad, and the mediocre. There isn’t actually anything bad in this box. There’s something for everyone in this box. So, I’ll start with the mediocre and move onto the good.

The Nick Box — Image by Alexandria Gunn

The pins and the postcards

The only reason these are in the mediocre section is because I just don’t really have a use for them. I’m not a pin collector, but I know those who are will find these good. They’re made well and have a decent weight to them. My kids will adore them for their school bags! I do think CultureFly has a thing for pins, because they’ve been in every Nick Box I’ve received.

As for the postcards, I like them but they’re not the most useful items. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to do with them since I don’t put these sorts of things on display.

However, what I do like about the postcards is that there are two of each, giving you eight in total. You can keep one half and send off the other half to people you know will like them. Of course, the point of sending a postcard is to show where you are or the sights you can see and sending these will defeat the purpose.

The vinyls, T-shirt, and travel items

The vinyls are well made and I do love that it’s Hey, Arnold and Ren and Stimpy vinyls in this. I’m starting to run out of space for vinyls, so getting two is a little disappointing, but these are great for those with children. The vinyls aren’t going to break if dropped accidentally (or they shouldn’t based on the feel of them. I haven’t put that to the test yet).

My favorite items are the travel items and the T-shirt, though. We already knew the T-shirt was coming, so I just smiled seeing that right at the top of the box. Ice Cream Mountain is one of the most memorable parts of Rugrats.

Like other T-shirts, this one has been made well. It’s soft to touch, although there is some roughness on the inside where the print is, and there’s no fraying with the stitching.

As for the travel items, there’s a toiletry bag and a small alcohol gel container. The travel container is great for when you’re on the go since you can loop the strand to connect to your belt or purse easily. My only complaint is that when unscrewing the top to fill it up, the material gets caught screwing it back together.

The toiletry bag has plenty of space, separate compartments for all your needs, and is a decent size. I’ll easily be able to fit my larger shampoo bottles in, which I need on week-long vacations. There’s no need to put the toothbrush in the same place as the soap and my contact lens solution.

I have missed out the photo frame. This sits somewhere between mediocre and good. I love the back of it because it doesn’t pull off completely, meaning you’re less likely to lose it, and the fact that it’s Rocko’s Modern Life is awesome timing with the movie coming soon. What I don’t like is how flimsy it can feel when standing up. This is going to be great for that one vacation photo that you want to share, but make sure it goes on a shelf instead of somewhere that wobbles. I think this will be something for my kids, who love having photos up in their room.

Check out the video below for my full review of The Nick Box summer 2019.

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