The Nick Box spring 2020 shipment delayed

The Nick Box 2020 shipment is being delayed due to coronavirus. Get all the details, including the current expectations for the CultureFly box.

Coronavirus is causing a lot of things to shut down at the moment. You’ll likely have kids at home as schools are closing and many stores are looking at closing down. Here in Ontario, we’ve found out dentists except emergency treatments are closing. So, many of you are likely excited to get CultureFly’s The Nick Box spring 2020 shipment. Sadly, the box is facing a delay.

This delay comes from the delays in getting the products. CultureFly sent out an email to all subscribers to explain the reasons for the delay, and it’s because of products coming from other parts of the world. The boxes can’t be put together and that means a delay in the shipping.

When will The Nick Box spring 2020 mystery crate arrive?

We’re looking at May 2020 for the arrival of the box. There’s no exact date just yet, but that the box is expected to start shipment around mid-May. This is earlier that the World’s Finest Collection, which is seeing delays until the summer months.

There’s nothing CultureFly can do about this. Due to COVID-19, the delays are out of the company’s control.

The shipping dates may be further delayed (although CultureFly doesn’t expect this) depending on the situation. Medical advice is changing on a daily basis. It wouldn’t be surprising if there was a ban on worldwide shipments if this pandemic doesn’t slow down. It’s up to countries to help flatten the curve, and not everywhere is taking action. Just recently, the U.S. banned travel from the UK and Ireland due to the countries seeing rising cases.

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Spoilers for the spring 2020 box

There have been two spoilers revealed for The Nick Box spring 2020 mystery crate so far. The most recent one is of the vinyl.

The first one was of the T-shirt, which is a three-quarter length sleeve shirt with a Rocko’s Modern Life design.

We will have to wait until later in the year for the box, but so far it looks like it will be worth the wait.

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