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The Nick Box spring 2020 review: It’s all about sports

It’s delayed for understandable reasons, but The Nick Box spring 2020 mystery crate is finally here. This is our review of the CultureFly box.

It’s been a while since we’ve done a review of something from CultureFly. When the global pandemic caused problems for shipping of items, so it’s taken a while for boxes to be sent out. However, The Nick Box spring 2020 mystery crate has finally arrived, which means we get to bring our review to you.

The box has a sports theme. This isn’t all that surprising considering when the box was supposed to ship and what was supposed to be going on. It was meant to come around April or May, which would bring the start of baseball season. Of course, this year was also supposed to be about The Olympics, so sports would have been a great theme. Sadly, none of that has happened but it was too late to change up themes at the last minute.

So, we have flags, medals, a baseball-themed T-shirt, and more. And for the most part, this is an excellent box. I’ve not been that happy about The Nick Box recently, but this one has hit the mark for me.

Instead of splitting this review of The Nick Box spring 2020 crate into “the good, the bad, and the medicore,” I’m opting for a focus on grouping specific items. Some items are more useable than others.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

The items for decoration

Let’s start with a look at the vinyl and the items that are more for decoration than anything else. We have the Monster Academy Sewer Ball Pennant, The Workout Heffer Vinyl Figure, the Global Guts Medal, and the Tommy Pickles Chain Pin. They’re all cute items and well made. They’re nothing spectacular to me but I don’t collect pins and I don’t hang up flags. The vinyl will be something cute for the kids to add to their collection and one of my daughters has already claimed the medal.

They fun items to add to those who like to collect these sorts of things. And there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re just not for me.

One thing I do love is how colorful everything is. The colors capture the Nickelodeon shows. I feel like I’m a kid again watching the channels, and that’s the point of this retro box, right?

Wearable items from The Nick Box spring 2020 crate

There are three wearable items in the crate. The first is the Rocko Baseball Cap. I tend to have a love-hate relationship with baseball caps. They’re useful but I don’t like those that have a hard front. Most of the past caps from CultureFly have been the hard fronts and the caps don’t fit properly. This isn’t the case with the Rocko’s Modern Life cap. It’s got a soft front that moulds to the head. The snap back is also great to make sure it fits right for my small head.

The second item is the Splat Shoelaces. I like to switch up the laces in my Converse when I’m at conventions, so these are a great addition for me. They’re just something fun and colorful. With the old-school Nick colors, they’re going to work with my peppermint green Converse.

Finally, it’s the T-shirt, which is a Hey Arnold! Raglan Shirt. This is all about baseball to keep the theme of the box. It’s a three-quarter length tee, which would have been great for the spring months. Of course, we’re into the summer months in Ontario now, so I’m not going to wear this until the fall. But that’s no fault of CultureFly.

Image credit: Alexandria Gunn

Bag and waterbottle

The final two items are my favorites. We got a Guts Drawstring Bag, which is made of what feels like a waterproof material. I’ve not put that to the test yet. I don’t remember Guts as a kid, but the bag design is fun and eye-catching. Drawstring bags are really useful at conventions, so this is definitely a keeper for me. However, I have a feeling one of my daughters is going to claim it for her sports kit at school. It is a great bag for that, so works with the sports theme well.

The bag also has a small zip pocket on the inside. This isn’t common with sports bags like this, but it’s an excellent addition. It’s perfect for storing sunglasses, change, your phone, and more for easy access (but not so easy for would-be thieves to grab your belongings).

The Rocket Power Water Bottle is definitely my favorite item. It’s a good size to keep hydrated while playing sports or just out for a walk. The handle is easy to grip and it has a small rubber straw that pulls out and back in to prevent spillages. I am a little concerned about the Rocket Power stickers on the outside of the bottle. They won’t handle many washes. However, we only put water in these types of bottles so it shouldn’t need to soak for too long. The lid with the straw is going to be the trickiest bit to wash, but that part doesn’t have any stickers.

Overall, this is a great box. It’s certainly my favorite from The Nick Box in about the last year.

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