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CultureFly’s The Nick Box spring 2021 unboxing and review

Pre-orders for The Nick Box summer 2021 ($) are open, but you want to get an idea of what to expect. Here’s our spring 2021 box review.

The Nick Box is a great mystery crate for those who loved the ’90s Nickelodeon shows. Whether you loved Rugrats and Hey, Arnold! or you were more into Legends of the Hidden Temple or The Wild Thornberrys, there is something for all.

The spring crate was all about adventure. We may not be able to travel too much, but we could get ready with our favorite TV shows. And there were some excellent items in the box.

The Nick Box spring 2021 crate

Take a look at the full crate below. We’ll then dive into some of the individual items as I share the highs and lows of this box. I will say that it was one worth waiting for.

The Nick Box
Image by Alexandria Gunn

Three items of clothing

Every box has some sort of apparel. This box had three items.

The first is a baseball cap with The Wild Thornberrys all over it. It’s a comfortable cap with a fabric strap at the bag to loosen and tighten as necessary. My only dislike is the style. I’m not a fan of the flat fronts to baseball caps. I like the rounded ones that shape to the head a little better.

There’s also a windbreaker. It fits well, which is better than some of the other windproof jackets recently. This one pulls over the head instead of zipping up the front, so I think that has a lot to do with it. I’ve not had to test it in the weather yet, but if the material is like some of the zip-up windbreakers, it’s going to be good for light rain.

The third item is a bandana. I like this for comic cons as I can keep my hair out of the way with them and add a different style each day. Other than that, I don’t really use them so they can be a bit of a waste.

The Nick Box
Image by Alexandria Gunn

The Rugrats items

With the Rugrats revival on Paramount+, there’s no doubt that many fans will want some items from their favorite show. The Nick Box spring 2021 included two Rugrats items with the adventure theme. That’s not surprising considering the babies went on plenty of adventures in their back yard.

The first item is a much with a scene from one of the episodes on it. The mug is on the smaller side, but it’s a good size for a morning coffee. Do we really need those large mugs? (Okay, okay, don’t actually answer that!) The print doesn’t feel stuck on, so I have some faith that this isn’t going to just wash off after a few washes like some of the glasses have had happen.

Didn’t everyone want a Cynthia when they were younger? She was Angelica’s doll, a little like Barbie, and now you get to have your own with the spring 2021 box. It’s The Seven Voyages of Cynthia version of the doll, so she’s ready for her adventure with the rest of the babies.

The Nick Box
Image by Alexandria Gunn

The decorative items

Finally, there were three decorative items in the box. Decorative items aren’t always my favorite, but I do appreciate not having another vinyl to add to the growing collection. Getting something different now and them is always appreciated and something a few people have asked for a while for.

With the adventure theme had to include The Legends of the Hidden Temple in some way, especially with the live-action reboot coming to The CW in fall 2021. There are two items from the show: wall decals and a keychain item.

The keychain item is on the heavy and large side. It’s not going on my keys, but it can go on the shelves next to some of the other decorative items over the years.

As I rent, I won’t be putting the wall decals up anyway. I don’t really like these types of items anyway, and wouldn’t use them even if I did own. There may be other ways to use them though. I think my kids want them to decorate their beds!

Finally, there’s a pin. Every box comes with some sort of pin to add to the collection, and this one is Hey, Arnold!. The pin has Arnold’s parents on it, making it a little different to the norm. This is one where you need to have watched the show or seen enough of it to know who they are, and I like items like that. You can spot the fans and not just those who simply know names and logos from a glance.

Image by Alexandria Gunn

Overall, this was a good box. There are some great useable items within it, and I’m sure the windbreaker will be something for the fall. I don’t worry too much about items that I don’t like. Not everyone is going to want the same things, and that’s what I like about mystery crates. There is something for everyone in the boxes.

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What did you think of the spring 2021 The Nick Box crate? Are you ready for the summer box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box summer 2021 pre-orders are now open. ($)