The Nick Box spring 2021 sales open

Are you ready for more old-school Nickelodeon merchandise? The sales for The Nick Box spring 2021 are open.

You can pre-order your box right now from CultureFly ($). You’ll want to get your order in before the sales close. These boxes tend to sell out fast!

Of course, before you pre-order, you may want to know what the theme is. It is Action & Adventure, and the Instagram post offers a suggestion of some of the shows that we’ll see covered.

I’m definitely excited about The Wild Thornberries. That was my all-time favorite Nickelodeon series.

When will The Nick Box spring 2021 ship?

The box isn’t going to be out until April 2021. Boxes tend to ship early or middle of the month and then they arrive by the end of the month. However, there’s no guarantee considering the current delays to shipments.

What about spoilers? Hopefully, we’ll get some of them very soon. There’s no doubt that we want to get an idea of what will be included. Just how will CultureFly cover the Action & Adventure theme? One way could be to have vines for shoelaces. Just a suggestion.

CultureFly has said spoilers are coming “soon.” Soon is relatively, but there will probably be something around the start of February to help encourage more pre-sales.

Want more Nickelodeon?

By the way, if you need more Nickelodeon merchandise, there’s a Spongebob Squarepants box all on its own. Sales are open for that one, too. This is all Spongebob and that’s it.

The theme for this quarter is Glove World.

This is a relatively new box from CultureFly, but has already had a lot of fans of the series sign up. It’s great for the whole family, just like The Nick Box.

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Get The Nick Box spring 2021 ($) box from CultureFly.