The Nick Box spring 2021: Which shows will be included?

The pre-sales for The Nick Box spring 2021 are now open. For many of you, it’s all about checking which shows will be included before you get your order in.

There are a lot of Nickelodeon shows to cover. December was mostly about Good Burger, although there were a few other items in there. For those who aren’t Good Burger or Kenan and Kel fans, it’s understandable if you were disappointed with the box.

There are a few shows that I would love to see incorporated more into the CultureFly mystery box covering all things Nickelodeon. The spring 2021 box is already shaping up to be a good month for those shows.

You see, I fell in love with The Wild Thornberrys and The Legend of the Hidden Temple. I also loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Real Monsters. Not all of these shows will be included in the spring 2021 box, but there will be enough to make me happy.

The TV shows in The Nick Box spring 2021 crate from CultureFly

The spring box will include The Wild Thornberrys. I think that was pretty clear when the theme of the month was announced. It’s an adventure theme, so of course, this wild and adventurous family would have to be included somehow.

Legends of the Hidden Temple is also one of the TV shows included in the box, which is another show that makes the most sense considering the theme. After all, the group of kids faced all sorts of adventures as they learned more about the real legends behind the cheesy temple.

Rugrats and Hey Arnold! are also included in the box. This isn’t surprising, especially Rugrats. This one has become the default show to work with. If you look at past boxes, you’ll always find at least one Rugrats themed item.

That probably isn’t surprising. It was a staple on Nickelodeon for years. It also offered up many adventures as we dove into the minds of the children.

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What do you think of the theme for The Nick Box spring 2021 crate? Have the shows sold the box to you? Let us know in the comments below.

The Nick Box spring 2021 ($) is open for pre-orders now.