The Nick Box summer 2019 spoiler: Take a look at the item of clothing this box

Every quarter, The Nick Box from CultureFly has an item of clothing. The spoiler is all about the item, with a fan-favorite Nickelodeon theme.

CultureFly has an item of clothing in each of its mystery boxes. The Nick Box is no exception, and it’s not surprising that it’s this item that’s been released as the spoiler for the summer 2019 box.

This is your chance to look away if you don’t want any spoilers for The Nick Box summer 2019. I recommend checking out the review of The Nick Box from winter 2018 to see what was inside that one if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Are you ready…?

We’re back to normal T-shirts for this box and going for a show that almost everyone will know — well, everyone who watches Nickelodeon whether past or present should know. You’ll certainly appreciate it if you’ve always been a fan of the show.

It’s time for a trip to Ice Cream Mountain. That’s right, we’re heading to the world of Rugrats with this month’s box. And it’s fitting considering it’s the summer-themed box. Just don’t expect it to be real ice cream!

You can check out the T-shirt below in the Instagram post. Make sure you click through at all sides of Ice Cream Mountain.

The Nick Box summer 2019 mystery box is being shipped out mid-July, so you should get tracking information very soon. You’ve still got time to sign up for the summer vacation themed box, perfect for fans of all things Nickelodeon vintage.

There have been other spoilers shared, including this one of the vinyl. There’s going to be something for all in this mystery box, whatever show you adore the most from Nickelodeon’s past and present.

What do you hope to get in CultureFly’s summer The Nick Box? Let us know in the comments below.

The Nick Box can be ordered directly from CultureFly’s website. Order now to get it as soon as it’s shipped out.