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The Nick Box summer 2021 unboxing and review

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The Nick Box summer 2021 arrived, and it’s packed with beach items. Here’s our unboxing and review of the summer box.

The Nick Box summer 2021 crate from CultureFly was delayed. This was due to shipping delays, and CultureFly did send out emails to make sure we were aware. The box has now arrived, and we get a chance to share the items inside to give you an idea as to whether the fall 2021 box is worth getting.

As usual, we get a great bunch of items connected to Nickelodeon shows of the past. Shows featured in this series include Rugrats, Double Dare, and Hey, Arnold! There are items for all types of summer needs, whether you’re going on a trip somewhere or want to listen to your music while outside.

The Nick Box summer 2021

Take a look at all the items in the summer crate.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

As you can see, the box was packed with some great items. We’ll break them down so they’re a little clearer.

Wearables and beach items in the box

There were three material items in the box, with the first being a T-shirt. The shirt is on the simple side when it comes to design, opting for a colorful geometric pattern. I don’t really like the big “Nickelodeon” logo on the front, but that is a personal opinion when it comes to making the fandom connection obvious.

The shirt is comfortable and fits well. I’ve never had a problem with the T-shirts.

There’s a beach towel in the box. That’s not surprising with the beach theme. Most summer boxes tend to have some sort of beach towel or other item. Of course, the towel isn’t just great for the beach. You can use it in the garden or in the park to have a blanket for the ground.

My favorite item of the materials is the bag. It’s a Hey, Arnold! theme and is a really good size. I’m going away one weekend soon and this is going to be perfect for packing everything I need for me and the kids in the bag. That’s the size of it.

Glass and shot glasses

There’s a plastic tumbler with straws. These were items offered last summer and I adore them. The tumbler is plastic with the photos within two layers of plastic. There’s no need to worry about washing anything off. The stickers on the glasses have always been low quality and it’s something I worried about with tumblers before seeing how they were made.

The tumblers also have a screw-on lid. With two kids, I see cups knocked over a lot. There’s little chance of spillages with this tumbler.

Then there are the Double Dare shot glasses. This comes with a little game to play. I put shot glasses on display as I’ve always collected them, but if you’re going to play the game, please drink responsibly!

Bluetooth speaker and notebook

The notebook is cute. It’s done as if it’s an old VHS tape of a Rugrats episode, and I love that detail. Other than that, it’s a pretty basic notebook, but I love getting stationery. You can never have too much!

The last item is my favorite. It’s a Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock. You get a charging cable with it and it’s up to you whether you want the alarm clock or the speaker on show. There are buttons at the top to control the alarm clock and the music, and there’s a little dent so you can put the phone on top and make it easier to control your music from there.

I haven’t tested out the speaker quality just yet. I’ll update when I get a chance to do that.

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What was your favorite item from The Nick Box summer 2021 crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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