Pre-order The Nick Box summer 2021 crate from CultureFly

Want to add more old-school Nickelodeon content to your house? The Nick Box summer 2021 sales are open, but what’s the theme?

We haven’t received our Nick Box for spring 2021 at the time of writing this, but it is on its way! We’ll bring the review as soon as we can (and update this post with it). However, based on past boxes from CultureFly, we’re sure that the summer 2021 box is going to be worth ordering.

Sales are now open. You can pre-order your box, with shipping starting sometime in the summer. Right now, the website says that shipping will happen at the end of July, but there have been some delays with the boxes recently due to the pandemic.

What’s the theme for The Nick Box summer 2021?

Each month has some sort of theme. The spring box was all about adventure. What about summer 2021?

Well, it’s all about the 20th anniversary of Nickelodeon! Can you believe Nick turns 20? The box is going to be packed with some of the classic characters including those from Rugrats and Hey, Arnold! Salute Your Shorts will also be part of the box, which is one of the lesser-remembered Nickelodeon shows.

There is also going to be a summer theme to the characters. Beaches, umbrellas, vacations? There’s so much that our favorite characters could be up to.

This box can sell out fast. It’s perfect for adults who remember the original shows and grew up with them and for kids who are just getting into some old-school shows with their parents. It’s also going to be on for those just checking out the new Rugrats series.

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Which shows do you hope are included in the box? What do you hope to get from the crate in terms of items? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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