CultureFly’s The Nick Box summer 2022 unboxing and review

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The summer 2022 The Nick Box from CultureFly was all about summer fun. Here’s a look inside the box, and our review of the products.

The Nick Box is certainly one of the favorite CultureFly boxes in this house. There’s usually something for everyone in the house, and the summer 2022 box is of no exception. The theme is all about the summer. More specifically, it focuses on summer fun.

There are some standard items such as the apparel and plush, but there are also some new additions that I absolutely adore. With sales open for the fall 2022 box *, now is the perfect time to delve into the summer box to see the type of products you’ll get.

The Nick Box summer 2022

There were eight items in the box. Some of them have gone to the kids, but others I’m keeping for myself. Here’s a look at all the items this quarter.

The Nick Box
Image: Alexandria Gunn

The usual types of items

Four of the items are pretty standard for The Nick Box. I’m not complaining about this. It’s just a way to split all the items up.

I adore the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle T-shirt. It has a tie dye effect with all four faces of the turtles on them. The T-shirt itself is super soft. I think the manufacturer of the T-shirts has changed because this feels softer than previous ones.

Then there’s the vinyl. It’s one from Rugrats, and is a Reptar Meltz vinyl. If you have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ones from a previous box, this is a great addition to that collection. I already have a friend wanting to steal it.

Speaking of stealing items, the kids claimed the next item. It’s a Spunky ball plush. This is so soft and feels more like a pillow. In fact, it works well with the unusual items in the box.

Finally for this section, it’s the pin. This is a Bloaty’s Pizza Hog pin, and offers us a show that hasn’t been featured in the boxes before. The kids have this pin for their bags.

Summer fun in the box

Of course, in a box that comes out in the summer, the items are focused on that. The first is actually two items together. We have a Legends of the Hidden Temple tiki cup (which is breakable, so watch out!) and a Shrine of the Silver Monkey straw. The straw is the perfect size for the tiki cup, although the hole does look a little small. I’ve had these types of straws from CultureFly in the pst, and the holes are a little too small to easily work.

While other boxes in the past and some of the boxes this quarter have included beach towels, The Nick Box summer 2022 went a different way. We got a picnic blanket, and it has Reptar on it. The downside is people will easily tell that it’s a Rugrats blanket, but I love that it rolls up and comes with a velcro carrier. The blanket is thick enough to sit comfortably on the grass.

How do you get your food to the picnic? Well, there isn’t enough space for a picnic blanket, but this box did come with a packable backpack. It folds up into the front pocket, so it’s easy to carry and pack away between trips. I’m not sure on how much it will hold yet. It didn’t arrive in time for my trip to Niagara Falls, so I’ll wait until the next trip with the kids.

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What do you think of the summer crate? Will you get the fall one? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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