The Nick Box Winter 2018 unboxing and review

The Nick Box winter 2018 offered something for fans of the Rugrats, The Wild Thornburys, and more. Here’s a look at the unboxing.

If you ever want to get your hands on retro Nickelodeon merchandise, CultureFly’s The Nick Box is a place to turn. The Nick Box Winter 2018 mystery box was full of various items with some of my favorite cartoons. Think RugratsThe Wild Thornburys, and much more. Here’s an unboxing and review of the box to see if it’s enough for you.

Like other CultureFly unboxing reviews I do, I’m going to split this into the good, the bad, and the mediocre. I start from worst to best with my own opinions on the items.

This is one of the oldest CultureFly boxes and you can tell. There’s a good variety for the fans of Nickelodeon shows, past and present. There wasn’t really anything bad. In fact, I think most of the box was okay with the odd item that I loved to pieces. My kids got most of the items from the box, and I do think that this is geared more to the younger generations, which is possibly why it’s been so popular from the beginning.

The mediocre: Vinyl, stress burger, apron, and more

The Nick Box Winter 2018 was certainly geared towards the kitchen, which was clear from the design of the box. It was a fridge, and I loved that when the box was opened it was the inside of the fridge. A lot of the items were focused on kitchenware or had a food theme. The stress burger was a good touch, although I have a year-old puppy that really wanted to eat it!

Aprons are cool, but I’ll admit that I have no use for them. It looks like a lot of the boxes from CultureFly this quarter were aimed at the kitchen, because Game of Thrones also came with an apron. These are items that I’d likely use at a comic-con or just leave hanging up somewhere. Hey, maybe they can go in my kids’ dressing up boxes!

There were a couple of pins and magnets, but the kitchen timer stood out to me. I loved the idea of adding this timer and I tried it the first moment I could. However, it doesn’t quite work. There was no ring when the timer hit zero. Considering I have an Amazon Echo, the timer is a little redundant if it doesn’t ding when finished, so it will likely just go up on a shelf with the rest of my vinyls, woodwork, and geeky stuff.

Image credit: Alexandria Ingham

The good: Cushion cover, socks, and cookie stamps

I have three favorite items from The Nick Box Winter 2018. The cushion cover is soft to touch and you can never have too many cushions around the house. I’ll just have to find a way to make sure the cushion I do get doesn’t end up stolen by the dog — he’s good at taking without realizing!

As a fan of The Wild Thornburys as a kid, I loved the socks. You can never have too many pairs, and these are useful for the winter since I can pull them over my jeans when I go out with my boots on.

The cookie stamps have to be my favorite though. They’re the Rugrats and part of me wishes Phil and Lil were included, but having Tommy, Chucky, and Angelica is excellent. The stamp comes in two, making it easy to store everything. In fact, I adore the little pencil case carry for them, making it easy to keep everything together. There’s nothing worse than losing one of the stamps. I’m yet to try them but I know the kids will love making cookies with me.

While the box is mediocre, the kids loved the items they’ve got to keep. This is certainly one for those with younger members in the family. To be honest, I wish I got the fall 2018 box because the Halloween stuff looked perfect.

If you think The Nick Box is perfect for you, check out CultureFly and order your own.