The Nick Box Winter 2019 boxes now available for purchase from CultureFly

The Nick Box Winter 2019 edition is now available to buy from CultureFly. Get the details we know so far about the cool box.

For those getting ready for the winter (hey, in some parts of the world, it’s already going to feel like winter!), CultureFly has you covered. The Nick Box winter 2019 boxes are now available to purchase.

There isn’t much to go on with what’s available. Right now, we just know that it’s going to be winter-themed, and there is an image of the Rugrats in the snow. Maybe there’ll be something involving them in the box? Considering the boxes are always retro, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Rugrats were included in some way.

There is another Instagram post involving snowboarding. Maybe there’s a winter vacation theme going on with the box. We’ll have to wait and see for some of the spoilers sometimes released.

Sadly, the sale of the boxes has come before the Halloween-themed box has arrived for many customers. Many people have mentioned on Instagram that they’re still to receive their box, and they had hoped that they would get it in time for the scariest night of the year. We’re still waiting on the box, too! We do have the Supernatural and the World’s Finest Collection boxes to share, though, and reviews of them are coming next week (I was away at an Outlander convention when the boxes came in!). If you’re still waiting on your fall box, please do get in touch with CultureFly through the official website.

The Nick Box winter 2019 boxes are available for pre-order. That means you won’t get things shipped right away. CultureFly works on a schedule, so the boxes will likely be shipped December or January. It’s unlikely that you’ll get it before Christmas, sadly.

What are you excited about getting in the winter box? What’s been your favorite The Nick Box from 2019? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box winter 2019 sales are now open.