The Nick Box winter 2019: Unboxing and review

The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate arrived before Christmas. Here’s a look at everything that came in it and my thoughts about the box.

Let me start by saying that The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate was the second of three boxes that arrived before Christmas as promised. I’m still waiting on the Supernatural winter 2019 box. That being said, I get the feeling that it’s going to be the most disappointing of the lot. And I don’t like starting these review posts negatively. However, I’ll be honest and say there were only a few items that I completely loved, and one of the items I want to love has come broken.

It’s hard to do this review with the “good, bad, mediocre” style review that I usually do. Instead, I’m going to break this review down bit by bit to share The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate. First, here’s a look at all the items that came in the box.

Get the biggest downsides out of the way

I’ll start this by getting the biggest downsides out of the way. After all, we need to end this review on a high, right?

My biggest disappointment is the bookends. They’ve come with one of the hinges broken. And I don’t think this is a carrier issue due to the way that it has broken. The glue that was supposed to keep the metal of the hinge in place as just disintegrated or it wasn’t even there in the first place. So Dog from CatDog doesn’t work properly. Cat is also loose and doesn’t open and close very well.

The bookends also aren’t as well made as the ones I’ve received from the Supernatural mystery crate, so I’m definitely disappointed about that. This was one of the spoiler items that I was really looking forward to, so you can imagine my disappointment when they arrived broken.

Another disappointment is the magnet set. The magnets aren’t all that great and feel like they could break apart with the slightest of use. They definitely wouldn’t be much use on the fridge, which, to me, defeats the purpose of having magnets. I know CultureFly can do better. I’ve had magnets in The Nick Box before and they routinely hold paperwork on my fridge. So, these magnets have me concerned. Is there a problem with the boxes?

A selection of small items from The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate

There were a few smaller items. The vinyl we knew about, and it’s okay. The detail is certainly there and I appreciate that, but it’s just not for me. It’s not a TV show I used to watch. So, like many other vinyls from The Nick Box, this one is heading to my daughters.

The Rugrats pin is cute. While I’m not a pin person, I can appreciate the thought that went into the use of Reptar on Ice. It brings the feel of winter, and I love that there are two badges that connect together.

As for the mug, I like it. I’m a little worried about the adhesive, but the mugs have been much better quality than the glassware from CultureFly. I still have the adhesives on the Supernatural mugs that I’ve received in the past, so I have some hope that these stickers will last. Plus it’s a great size. Perfect for hot chocolate during this time of year.

My favorite item out of the smaller pieces though is the ornament set. They’re small for the Christmas tree and I don’t need to feel guilty for putting them away now and then. Plus, they offer three different, well-known Nickelodeon shows. My kids have already taken them to hang them around our Christmas tree. I’m so glad that this box did arrive before Christmas!

Clothing for the win

It’s the clothing that wins in The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate. The sweatshirt was one that we knew about, as a spoiler from the emails. That logo you see is one of the bumpers from the Nick ads.

I thought the sweatshirt was just going to be a long-sleeved shirt. When I pulled it out, I was grateful to see that it has a fluffy lining, making it much warmer. It is on the smaller side, especially in the arms, but I still like it and do think it’s one of the stronger items.

Finally, we got a scarf. This has all the old-school Nickelodeon colors with the Double Dare logo on it. As a fan of Double Dare as a kid, I can wear this proudly. The scarf isn’t all that thick, but it’s long enough to bunch up and keep you nice and warm. I’m really glad that CultureFly has listened to feedback about offering different types of clothing items.

Overall, this is a mediocre box. The clothing and ornaments save it from being a complete disaster. I do have a feeling it’s going to be my least favorite out of the three that I get, though.

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What did you think of The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate? What’s your favorite item from CultureFly this quarter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate is still available to purchase from CultureFly.

All images credited to Alexandria Gunn. All rights reserved.