The Nick Box winter 2019 spoilers: Something warm for the winter

It’s time for the third spoiler from The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate. It’s something that’s going to keep you warm. Here’s a look.

We’re getting closer to the arrival of The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate from CultureFly. Today is your last day to order to guarantee arrival in time for Christmas, so what a perfect time for the third spoiler.

This is certainly going to keep you warm. No, it’s not anything quite like one of the spoilers for the World’s Finest Collection for the month. But it is certainly worth considering.

I’ll leave you with the Instagram post with the spoiler reveal for The Nick Box winter 2019 first, and then we can get into it.

This long-sleeved shirt is going to give you that extra layer in the winter months. I have one from a Supernatural box, and I love it. The material is the same quality as the T-shirts and the length of the long sleeves is just right.

I know there are plenty of questions about the “character” on the shirt. This is actually from some of the Nick ads in the 90s. It’s not a particular character but a fun logo that was used with the “Nick, Nick, Nick” song. There was a bumper used on a T-shirt in the past, but this is a different one. There are so many to use!

It’s going to be interesting to see just how many items there are in The Nick Box winter 2019 mystery crate. This is the third spoiler, so hopefully there are three more items to surprise use. I’d love for the full eight items in this crate, and that is certainly possible judging by the likely cost of the three items so far.

Remember this is your last day to order to get your box in time for Christmas. You can still order from tomorrow (until the boxes are all sold out) but the box will arrive after Christmas and possibly after New Year.

What do you think of the third spoiler? What do you hope to get in The Nick Box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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