The Nick Box winter 2019 spoiler: Check out who is snowboarding to your box

Sales for The Nick Box winter 2019 box are open. Not sure if this is a box for you? This spoiler item may make you consider the CultureFly offering.

The Nick Box winter 2019 will be here before you know it. Sales are now open, and the box will make it to you before the holidays. Not sure if this is going to be one for you? This Nick Box winter 2019 spoiler item may convince you.

Before we get into the spoiler item (for those who may have clicked accidentally), the theme for the winter box is, well, winter. It looks like winter vacation based on the first spoiler item, which is from the Nickelodeon classic Rocket Power.

Are you ready for the reveal?

Otto is snowboarding to your box. The item is a vinyl, which will work well with the other collection of vinyls from The Nick Box over the last few crates. There’s something that works with the seasons, but I highly recommend that you have a shelf just for your Nick Box vinyls.

It’s a cute vinyl. For those who loved Rocket Power, it’s going to mean a lot more than those who are looking forward to other old-school Nickelodeon fans.

Personally, I’m hoping for Hey! Arnold and The Wild Thornburries. I’d also love to see some Doug items.

One thing I am happy to see is that there’s something different from the box. CultureFly does have a habit of falling back on the same themes or shows. Just looking at the World’s Finest Collection, you’ll see a regular lean on the main Justice League members. It’s not often that Rocket Power is used. In fact, I can’t remember the last box with the group, so it’s a positive sign.

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What do you think of The Nick Box winter 2019 spoiler? Will this encourage you to pre-order the box? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box winter 2019 is available to order via CultureFly right now.