The Nick Box winter 2020 sales now open

Looking to add a little more ’90s into your life? There’s some great news. The Nick Box winter 2020 sales are now open.

Are you ready to add a little more ’90s into your life? The Nick Box winter 2020 box sales are now open.

You can pre-order your box at CultureFly ($) right now.

The theme for the month has been released. It’s “Sweet & Savory,” which certainly matches the style of the box. It’s a fridge door, so you know there are a few food-themed items coming in the box.

The last time we had a food-themed box, we had cookie cutters and a few other kitchen items. They were awesome and are still used regularly in this house, so I’m all down for another box like this.

The box is set to be shipped mid-December. There have been the odd delays here and there due to the pandemic, but the plan is to get this box in time for Christmas.

When will spoilers for The Nick Box winter 2020 box be revealed?

Of course, before you buy the box, you sometimes want to see an item or two that is coming. You won’t want to delay too much as this box sells out fast, but it shouldn’t be too long for a spoiler to be revealed.

The official Instagram page is a great place for this. Right now, the spoilers revealed are for the Spongebob Squarepants box, so don’t pay too much attention there (unless you’re getting that box, of course!). The spoilers for the Nick Box will come soon and there’s always a tease of it before they drop.

What about the fall 2020 box?

I know you’re waiting for reviews for The Nick Box fall 2020 crate. Reviews are coming.

Sadly, our box didn’t arrive in time for Halloween, and it is a shame considering some of the items. I do think CultureFly should think about moving the date of shipment a little earlier to counter for international shipping delays. It gets really annoying to have something that could be great for a particular time of year and not get to use it.

However, we did get the box at the end of last week. There will be a review coming this week, I promise.

It was a great box. There are items that I’ll certainly use throughout winter, and my daughters have already claimed a couple of items. However, the eight-year-old did say we have too many of one particular item. I’ll share more about that in the review.

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What do you hope is in The Nick Box winter 2020 crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Nick Box winter 2020 ($) box is available from CultureFly.