The Nick Box winter 2020 unboxing and review

Not sure about CultureFly’s The Nick Box just yet? Here’s our The Nick Box winter 2020 review to see what you can expect.

The Nick Box is just one of the many mystery boxes from CultureFly. It’s a fun box for fans of the original Nickelodeon shows, offering something for all ages. It’s time to delve into The Nick Box winter 2020 review to see if this is a box for you.

I do find The Nick Box can be a little hit and miss. It does depend on what your favorite Nickelodeon shows are, and it also depends on what you want to gain from the boxes.

The theme for The Nick Box winter 2020 ($) is Sweet & Savory. The items are all about the kitchen, which does make them among the most useful items you can get. However, there are some that are only useful if you have particular items.

One thing I do love is the outside of the box. The Nick Box covers are always something connected to the theme, and this quarter’s box is an oven with a fried egg cooking on the top of the stove. These boxes are just so fun and creative.

I’ll get straight into The Nick Box winter 2020 review. There are images of all the items in the box, so it’s full of spoilers. If you haven’t received your box yet and want to keep it a surprise, I’d suggest clicking away now.

There are a lot of items, by the way. This box has 10 items within it.

A lot of Good Burger items

The box is packed with items that connect to Good Burger. In other words, it’s for the Kenan and Kel fans out there. They worked at Good Burger, remember!

There are three items with the Good Burger symbol. Two of them are wearable items: a sweatshirt and slipper socks.

Like with the Supernatural winter 2020 box, it looks like the problems with the sizing of tops has been solved. The Good Burger sweatshirt fits well all over (and I haven’t changed my size at all). It’s a long-sleeved top, which is great for the winter and the early spring/late fall.

The slipper socks are okay. I love slipper socks, but my issue is the huge burger at the front of the socks. I don’t like things like this as they tend to get in the way and catch on items if I have my feet tucked under me, which happens a lot. Personally, I may end up cutting the burgers off to be able to use the slipper socks.

The socks do have grips on the bottom. They’re made so you can wear them without slippers on. No need to worry about slipping on your floors.

The last Good Burger item is disappointing for me. It’s an AirPod case, and I don’t have AirPods. I’m not an Apple user. In fact, most people I know personally use Android devices. So, the AirPod case is going to be no good for me.

I also think it’s arrived broken. The top just comes off, but I’m not sure if it’s supposed to since I have no idea what the case is supposed to look like.

There is another in the box that isn’t Good Burger but it does fit more with the items just mentioned than anything else. There’s a scarf to wear during the winter months. It looks like scarves are the theme for CultureFly in the winter 2020 collections, as both the World’s Finest Collection and the Supernatural mystery boxes included scarves.

It’s a warm scarf that’s knitted and made well. It is on the short side, though. It doesn’t connect to any of the shows and is just a plain Nickelodeon scarf. One of my kids has already claimed it!

Decorative items in The Nick Box winter 2020

There are two decorative items in the box: a vinyl and a canvas.

The vinyl is Chuckie from Rugrats eating chocolate. He has it all over his face and he looks so happy about that. It’s such a fun vinyl to add to the collection. Vinyls is something The Nick Box has never really had a problem with until a few other of the CultureFly boxes.

Rocko’s Modern Life is the focus for the canvas, but you wouldn’t really know if you didn’t know the series. It’s a look of the Chokey Chicken with cars ready to go through the drive-thru. It certainly continues to fit the theme of Sweet & Savory.

Useful items for the kitchen

As I said at the start of this The Nick Box winter 2020 review, there were a lot of items in the box. Four of them are all useful items in the kitchen.

We start with a set of cupcake liners that cover the Nicktoons. There’s a good amount of liners, too. You’ll get through a few batches of cupcake mix with them.

Then there’s the Ren and Stimpy salt and pepper shaker, which are made of glass. They are certainly on the small side, but they will make good kitchen table items. I will probably use them for decorative items more than useful items, but if you don’t have salt and pepper shakers, I could see you getting some use out of them.

Then there’s the Rugrats silicone chocolate bar mold. You can make your own Reptar chocolate bars, which is always a lot of fun. With more people staying home, this is a great addition. You just need some good melting and forming chocolate. And you can always make other items like biscuits if you want with them.

The last useful kitchen item is an over mitt and pot holder. It is all about Rocko’s Modern Life, and it will be very useful for many people. The oven mitt is a good thickness and I’ve already tested it with dishes. My only dislike is that there aren’t too oven mitts but the pot holder is useful for that need when I need to use two hands to take a dish out.

The Nick Box winter 2020 review final thoughts

 Overall, this is a great box. It’s fun and everything fits the theme well. There are also a lot of useful items.

I do hope there is something for Android users in the future and there isn’t just a focus on Apple products. This is the first time this has happened, though, so I’ll give CultureFly the benefit of the doubt.

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