The Purge Season 2 arrives on Amazon Prime Video today

Fans of The Purge waiting for the second season to arrive on Prime can officially stop waiting. The Purge Season 2 arrives on Amazon Prime Video today.

The Purge Season 2 aired on the USA Network on Oct. 15, giving fans an insight into what is on the way this season. Not everyone has access to the USA Network however, especially those of us outside of the U.S., and some of us just missed it because you know, life.

Amazon Prime Video is the place to go in order to catch up on what you missed. New episodes are uploaded to the streaming platform outside of the U.S. a couple of days after they air on the USA Network; meaning the premiere is officially available as of today.

So, if you have been waiting for The Purge Season 2 premiere to arrive. You need wait no more. It is available right now!

To be clear. The Purge Season 2 will come to Amazon Prime Video in the U.S., but only after the entire season has aired. For everyone outside the U.S. it’s either the day after, or several days after, the episode airs on the USA Network.

Season 2 promises to be something unlike anything fans of the franchise have ever seen before. It was revealed during NYCC that The Purge will explore life after the annual night of legalized crime.

With the overall aim of answering questions fans have had about the franchise for a long time. Fans can expect to see what happens to those who commit crime after purge night, how relationships are affected after the purge and what happens during those 364 days until the next purge night.

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Fans will also be pleased to hear that while there won’t be much purge night action this season there will still be plenty of thrills. So don’t worry. It’s just as good as Season 1, maybe even better.

Will you be watching The Purge Season 2 premiere on Amazon Prime Video tonight? What question would you like to see answered as they explore life after purge night? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts below.